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The Tank is a vehicle featured in Battlefield Heroes. The Tank has been used in combat since World War I. The British first invented the tank and first deployed the tanks in battle on September 15, 1916, at the Battle of Flers-Courcellette. The Tank however suffered from mechanical issues and was never mass deployed until World War II. At the start of World War II, the German Army perfected the use of tanks in warfare with their Blitzkrieg battle strategy in which large groups of tanks would invade nations and crush the enemy infantry, while German Air Force would bomb factories and larger groups of tanks.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

The Tank is used in Battlefield Heroes as a means of transport and attack. The tank can hold two players, a driver and a passenger. The driver maneuvers the tank and controls the tank's main gun. The passenger can use any of their weapons and most of their abilities in their position near the top of the tank. The passenger can also crouch to avoid being shot by enemies.

Royal ArmyEdit

Royal tank

A Royal Army Tank.

The Royal Army Tank is modeled after the M4A1 Sherman Tank. It has a khaki coat of paint with a white star on the sides and front, similar to American Army tanks. Its main gun can cause heavy damage to any vehicle, and can seriously injure any dismounted infantryman.

National ArmyEdit

National tank

A National Army Tank.

The National Army Tank is modeled after the German Panzer IV Ausf. D Tank. Like many German Tanks during World War II, the National Army tank has a grayish coat of paint.



  • The Royal Army tank belongs to the 18th Brigade Combat Team (BCT).

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