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For the Battlefield 1 vehicle packages, see Tank Hunter Landship Package or Tank Hunter Aircraft Package.

For the Codex Entry, see Tank Hunters (Codex Entry).

This item has a Codex entry: Holes Through Steel

The Tank Hunter is an Elite Kit featured in Battlefield 1.[1]

The kit is obtained via a wooden crate found in fixed locations on certain maps, similar to Battle Pickups from Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline.

As the name suggests, the kit is primarily intended to counter enemy armor and other ground vehicles. Equipped with a Tankgewehr M1918, a high-velocity, single-shot rifle, this kit is centered around anti-armor and can critically damage vehicles. The Tank Hunter also carries a Sawed-Off Shotgun, a Trench Periscope, two Anti-Tank Grenades, and a common club.

The Tank Hunter carries light armor, protecting the user from around 65% of small arms fire damage (around half protection as that of the Sentry). The Tank Hunter also wears a set of respirator and goggles, permanently giving him the effects of wearing a Gas Mask without obstructed peripheral vision and not restricting the ability to aim down sights.


Map Game Mode Location
Giant's Shadow Conquest Found at the Upper Crash Site (Flag D).
Fao Fortress Conquest Found at Al Faw Battery (Flag D) near the flagpole in the trench.
Rush In the third sector, near objective B.
Monte Grappa Operations
  1. Sector 4, beyond objective A, near the Austro-Hungarian spawn, outside the bunker in the next sector, next to an HMG.
  2. Sector 5, outside the fort, near an AA gun.
Sinai Desert Conquest Can be found in the middle of Flag G, under the canopy cover.
Rush In the third sector, in the canyon.
St. Quentin Scar Conquest Inside Travecy Abbey (Flag B) and in front of a building at Baker's Meadow (Flag E).
  1. 3rd sector, on a small hill southeast of the village.
  2. Sector 4, near a windmill North West.
  3. Last sector, near British spawn, in the middle of the road when it forks towards objective B and the windmill.
Soissons Conquest Found at Ploisy Chapel Ruin (Flag D) next to the flagpole.
Albion Conquest Found at Fishing Village (Flag B) near a shack.

A second one can be found at Flag F.

Heligoland Bight Conquest Assault Inside the pillbox of Düne Island (Flag A)
Zeebrugge Conquest Assault In a dugout near the end of the trench line along the back of Lubeck Battery (Flag A), far to the south.
River Somme Conquest Assault Found halfway between Marsh Landings (Flag B) and the parallel Munich Trench (Flag C) in the trenches.
Passchendaele Conquest Only spawn in the group of Elite Kits used in place of a Behemoth if a team is doing poorly enough.
Caporetto Conquest Assault Only spawns in the group of Elite Kits used in place of a Behemoth if a team is doing poorly enough.
Galicia Conquest Found at Train Wreck (Flag C), behind the western most building.



  • During the Open Beta, the Tank Hunter was equipped with an "M1911 Silencer". The weapon did not seem to have an attached suppressor, and so did not actually silence the weapon. This was replaced with the Sawed-Off Shotgun by release. The M1911 Silencer appears in Singleplayer and originally as a DICE exclusive weapon in Multiplayer before being added in the June 2018 patch.
  • The Tank Hunter wears a Cover's Automatic Respirator and Gas Goggles.[2]
  • Like the Flame trooper, Central powers' tank hunters always wear a trench coat.