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Battlefield 1Edit

Not to be confused with the Tank Hunter Tank Package or the Tank Hunter elite kit.

"This version comes equipped with an engine-mounted cannon and high explosive bombs, making it perfect for tank hunting."

— In-game description

The Tank Hunter Package for attack aircraft is a vehicle package available in Battlefield 1.

This package gears towards anti-vehicle duty by providing the pilot with a slow-firing nose-mounted 37mm cannon, capable of inflicting great damage against armored targets.

In addition, a pair of 50kg HE Bombs can also be used. Each is capable of inflicting up to 120 damage on a direct hit after falling at least 200m.

While it is focused on tanks and behemoths, the kit can provide some degree against other threats but the Pilot must be incredibly skilled, in terms of target leading, especially against other aircraft, which can be destroyed in as little as two hits.

The only countermeasure is Wing Emergency Repair, for when the plane has been crippled in the wings

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