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Battlefield 1Edit

"This version is geared towards medium range anti-vehicle engagements. it can deploy a defensive gas cloud and be repaired quickly."

— In-game description

The Tank Hunter Tank Package is a Vehicle Package featured in Battlefield 1 for the Mark V Landship. A heavier response to the threats posed by the A7V and FT-17. Similar to the Tank Hunter Elite Kit, the driver has access to a single shot Tankgewehr M1918 with unlimited rounds and a much shorter cooldown than the 57mm Cannon.

The 57mm Cannons in this variant load AP rounds instead of HE for increased damage against vehicles. The driver can deploy gas to help protect the tank against infantry attack. It features the Gas Emitter and Emergency Repair countermeasures.

The Tankgewehr will always kill infantry in one shot, meaning that a skilled tanker can take down infantry with little difficulty even at range. Enemy armor lacks the long range accuracy and flat trajectory that the Tankgewehr has, leaving them vulnerable to attack from a distance. The Tankgewehr also makes easy work of planes, disabling them in one or two hits. The May Update provides the driver with a second Tankgewehr in a rear-firing port.


  • Following the May Update, the Mortar Landship is the sole remaining landship with no rear defense.
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