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M1918 IRL

A Tankgewehr M1918

The Mauser Tankgewehr M1918 is an Imperial German anti-tank rifle, chambered in the 13.2mm TuF cartridge. Devised between 1916 and 1918, the weapon did not see mass production or widespread use until mid-1918. It was designed as a counter to the British and French use of tanks like the Mark IV/V and Renault FT, and was the only anti-tank rifle to see service during the war. The 13.2mm round was capable of penetrating 22mm of armor plating, nearly double that of the Mark IV's maximum of 12mm.

Battlefield 1[]

The Tankgewehr M1918 makes its debut in Battlefield 1. It is seen in the Battlefield 1: Official Reveal Trailer being carried by a Tank Hunter marching alongside a Mark V tank. It appears again in the Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series: Weapons Trailer video, briefly in its Elite kits crate, and used against an enemy vehicle a moment later.


The Tankgewehr appears in the campaign War Stories Through Mud and Blood, Avanti Savoia! and Nothing Is Written.


The weapon is the primary armament of the Tank Hunter Elite Class. Like the AT Rocket Gun, it must be set on its bipod before it can be fired. It has high muzzle velocity and high damage, capable of killing infantry in one shot at any range, anywhere to the body. With careful aim against vehicles, it is capable of inflicting mobility damage, as well as killing exposed occupants.

It is also available as a vehicle package for the Tank Hunter Tank Package, serving as the primary weapon for the driver of the landship.