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"You her new partner? She do that karate[y] for you yet?"

— TAP to Nick Mendoza

"TAP" Milstein is a character featured in Battlefield Hardline.


TAP grew up together with Tyson Latchford in the Miami City Projects, becoming good friends as a result. The two also enjoyed a life of petty crime together drug dealing until Tyson decided to get out of the Projects and become a drug distributor. TAP, however, stayed in the projects and continued to deal drugs under Tyson. He also occasionally visited Tyson now and again to obtain cocaine to satisfy his addiction.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

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"You're convinced that you're just one of the
good guys, aren't you? There's no such thing, son."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield Hardline.

TAP was apprehended by Khai Minh Dao and rookie detective Nick Mendoza in July of 2012. In exchange for not being sent to jail, TAP is presented with the choice to lead them to Tyson so that they could question him, to which he cooperates.

Wearing a wire, TAP successfully leads them to Tyson, only for groups of armed men to arrive in an attempt to kill Tyson. As the police dealt with the armed men, TAP proceeded to escape. Three years later in 2015, TAP paid back the favor he owed Tyson for the wire he wore years before by allowing himself to be arrested and sent to prison in order to help Nick Mendoza escape during a prison bus transfer.

Upon making his presence on the bus known to Mendoza, he tells a small portion of Tyson's plan to break him out, only to be interrupted as Khai and Tyson drive next to the bus and sabotage it, forcing him to break his explanation short and tell Nick to hold onto something as the bus explodes. Injured along with Nick, he pulls the former detective out of the wreckage and tells him to meet Tyson at the nearby water tower. Before Nick can ask more questions, police start closing in on his location, forcing him to flee. TAP on the other hand does not try to escape and instead sits in place waiting to be incarcerated once more. This is later explained by Tyson who mentions the favor he was owed as well as the fact that prison was a great way for TAP to break his cocaine addiction.




  • His last name "Milstein" is revealed by the Prison guard on Gauntlet. His first name remains unknown and due to the fact that he only went to prison in order to free Mendoza, his last name may be fabricated as well.
  • He is listed as a Warrant through the police scanner in Back to School despite the fact that he cannot be captured.
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