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The Target Detector, also known as the TDD, is a weapon attachment developed during the War of 2020. It is a gadget built from motion sensory equipment from the MTN-55 and T-UGS that can can be used to detect enemies in front of the user.


"A prototype device created using parts from the MTN-55 and T-UGS. While active it will detect enemy movement within a narrow cone in front of you and report it to your team's minimap."

— Battlelog description

The Target Detector is a weapon accessory featured in Battlefield 4: Final Stand, unlocked with the completion of the Eye Spy Assignment.

When equipped, the Target Detector will fill the Accessory slot of the weapon, and will remain passive when the player is firing from the hip. When the player aims down sight, however, the device will become active and will automatically spot enemy players within a cone in front of the player.



  • The Target Detector's description is the only time in Battlefield 4 that the Motion Sensor is called by its actual designation of MTN-55.
  • Like much of the new equipment in Final Stand, the Target Detector was renamed after the initial pre-release on the Community Test Environment, originally being named the TDD.
  • The attachment functions similarly to the Sniper Spotting Scope from Battlefield: Bad Company 2.