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"The Germans used Telemark as a heavy water research facility."

— In-game briefing

"The race is on to develop the world's first atomic weapon. One of the key ingredients in an atomic bomb is heavy water, which the Germans are trying to produce at a research plant in the Rjukan valley of Norway. Norwegian resistance fighters pulled off a daring sabotage mission at the facility, but the Germans quickly rebuilt. The Allies must therefore once again add Telemark to their list of targets - if the Germans are succesful in building an A-bomb, this war could be over in a hurry."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

Telemark Research Base is a map in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII. The facility is the target of a Commando raid to cripple German heavy water production, a component vital to their research into nuclear weapons.


Conquest is fought between seven control points. The Commandos start the match with three bases under their control, all along the west bank of the river, while the Wehrmacht hold three on the east bank. The Island flag is initially neutral.


Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British Commandos
Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB



Medium tank(s)


Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

40mm Bofors

Fixed-wing aircraft



Commando Raft


M2 Browning

Flag Germany 1933.png Wehrmacht
Light vehicle(s)


Medium tank(s)

Panzer IV

Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

Flak 38

Fixed-wing aircraft






The Allied Airfield is in the northwest corner of the map.

When controlled by the Allies, it spawns two Spitfires, a C-47, an LVT4 two Willys, and a stationary Browning. When controlled by the Axis, it spawns a stationary MG 42, three Schwimmwagen and three Stukas.


A British control point in the center-west. Under British control it will spawn a Raft, a Willy, a Sherman and an LVT4. Under German control it will spawn three Schwimmwagen (one on land and one in water) and a Panzer IV.

In singleplayer the Sherman or Panzer IV will not spawn.


Telemark Research Base is in the southeast corner of the map. This large building is protected by an outer perimeter of wire fences and pillboxes. Inside the front entrance is a number of spinning turbines, with staircases leading to gantries above. It starts under German control.

Under German control it spawns a Flakpanzer, a Panzer IV, a Schwimmwagen, three Flak 38, six stationary MG 42, and a Defgun.
Under British control it will spawn a Flakpanzer, a Sherman, a Willy, three Flak 38, six stationary Brownings and a Defgun.


A German control point in the center-east. It spawns two Panzer IV, a Schwimmwagen, an R75 and five stationary MG 42. Under British control it will spawn two Shermans, a Raft, a XA42 and five stationary Brownings.


The neutral control point in the center of the map. Under British control it will spawn a Raft, an LVT4, and a Flak 38. Under German control it will spawn two Schwimmwagen and a Flak 38.

In singleplayer the Flak 38 will not spawn.


The control point on the eastern side of the bridge in the south, initially under German control. It spawns two R75 and a Schwimmwagen. Under British control it will spawn two XA42 and a Willy.


The control point on the western side of the bridge, initially under British control. It spawns a Willy, a XA42 and a Sherman. Under German control it will spawn a Schwimmwagen, a R75 and a Panzer IV.

In singleplayer the Sherman or Panzer IV will not spawn.

Capture the Flag[]

The Allied Airfield and Telemark Research Base are now uncapturable. The bridge flags are now neutral. The objective flags are at Western Town for the British and Telemark Residence for the Germans.

The vehicle changes are as below:

  • The Flakpanzer has been removed from Telemark Research base, but two Panzer IV have been added.
  • Two Willys have been added to the Allied Airfield, but all the aircraft has been removed.
  • One Flak 38 has been removed from the Island.

Team Deathmatch[]

Western Town and Telemark Residence are now uncapturable starting points, while other control points now start neutral.

The vehicle layout is the same as Conquest, except the C-47 has been replaced by another Spitfire.


"The Telemark Facility housed several generators, used in their top secret research of heavy water. A team can win by reducing the opposition's tickets to zero. The British can reduce the German tickets quickly by destroying the generators inside the facility. The Germans can reduce the British tickets gradually by defending and maintaining the generators."

— Objective Map Briefing

Telemark Turbine 1.

The Allied Airfield is now uncapturable, while all other control points start under German control. Telemark Research Base is also uncapturable.

The vehicle layout is the same as Conquest, except that one machine gun has been removed from a bunker by the southernmost bridge (further south than the bridge marked by two control points.)

The British must destroy two objectives inside the building of Telemark Research Base:

  • Telemark Turbine 1 on the east (on the left looking from the entrance),
  • Telemark Turbine 2 on the west (on the right looking from the entrance).

Each Turbine can take 675 points of damage.


"The Allies mount a perfectly timed combined air and amphibious assault on the German facilities, thanks in no small part to intelligence gained by Norwegian resistance fighters. Striking hard and fast, they secured the facility and the surrounding area with remarkably few casualties."

— British Victory

"The Allies attack according to plan, but the Germans were well prepared for the assault. Their defensive positions in and around Telemark were established with cunning, and held by fierce and determined warriors. With Telemark still standing, it's only a matter of time before the Germans develop atomic weapons."

— British Defeat

"Anticipating an attack, the Germans prepared ingenious defenses making full use of the surrounding terrain. Bombarded from all sides, the Allied advance was ground to a halt before they could seriously threaten Telemark. With a victory in hand, the Germans are free to continue their atomic research."

— German Victory

"The Axis defenses were ill prepared to hold off a combined paratrooper and amphibious assault. Allied soldiers easily slipped through the front lines, surrounding and isolating German defenses around Telemark before eventually closing on the main facilities. With nowhere to run, the Germans last stand was a bloody one."

— German Defeat


  • There is evidence for two cut control points.
  • It was possibly planned for the Mustang to be on this map, as the object spawner that spawns the Spitfires (and the Stukas) are referred to as MustangSpawner.
  • The machine gun removed from Objective mode is still in the files, but due to a coding error its x-coordinate was set to 7728.795 instead of the normal 728.795 from other modes. By contrast, the map itself is only 1792 units long and wide. Even if the player managed to access the specified position, he would still be unable to find the emplacement, as it is buried under the surface of the terrain. The icon appears on the minimap, however.
  • It was possible that Telemark was the first map to have its Objective mode planned, as the objective spawners of other Objective maps are also named TurbineSpawner.