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"The Germans used Telemark as a heavy water research facility."

— In-game briefing

Telemark Research Base is a map in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII. The facility is the target of a Commando raid to cripple German heavy water production, a component vital to their research into nuclear weapons.

Conquest[edit | edit source]

Conquest is fought between seven control points. The Commandos start the match with three bases under their control, all along the west bank of the river, while the Wehrmacht hold three on the east bank. The Island flag is initially neutral.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British Commandos
Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB



Medium tank(s)

M4 Sherman

Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

40mm Bofors

Fixed-wing aircraft

C-47 Skytrain


Commando Raft


M2 Browning

Flag Germany 1933.png Wehrmacht
Light vehicle(s)


Medium tank(s)

Panzer IV

Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

Flak 38

Fixed-wing aircraft

Ju-87 Stuka



Bases[edit | edit source]

Allied Airfield[edit | edit source]

The Airfield is in the northwest corner of the map.

When controlled by the Allies, it spawns two Spitfires and a C-47, as well as an LVTP. When controlled by the Axis, it spawns a Stuka and a Schwimmwagen.

Bridge Entrance[edit | edit source]

Western Town[edit | edit source]

Island[edit | edit source]

Bridge Toll Booth[edit | edit source]

Telemark Residence[edit | edit source]

Facility[edit | edit source]

The Facility is in the southeast corner of the map. This large building is protected by an outer perimeter of wire fences and pillboxes. Inside the front entrance is a number of spinning turbines, with staircases leading to gantries above.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

"The Allies mount a perfectly timed combined air and amphibious assault on the German facilities, thanks in no small part to intelligence gained by Norwegian resistance fighters. Striking hard and fast, they secured the facility and surrounding area with remarkably few casualties."

— Allied Victory

"Anticipating an attack, the Germans prepared ingenious defenses making full use of the surrounding terrain. Bombarded from all sides, the Allied advance was ground to a halt before they could seriously threaten Telemark. With a victory in hand, the Germans are free to continue their atomic research."

— Axis Victory

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