The following works only with embedded YouTube videos.

{{Sound|1=<youtube width="200" height="25">Video URL</youtube>|2=Caption|3=Alignment|4=Width}}

Width and height can be adjusted. In the above example, they are set to produce just the play bar, rather than any visuals in the video itself. For example:


Battlefield Vietnam Theme Tune

The height and width may be adjusted to include the visual too, if desired. If the width of the video is changed, parameter '4' must also be included. This should be set to 10 more than the set video width, to give a reasonable thumbnail box around the video.

However, if the entire video is to be used, it may be better to upload the video and embed using the video tool in the editing sidebar instead.

The alignment can be altered to either be 'left' or 'right'. The default, if the parameter is not specified, is 'right'.

The <youtube> tags must be present in the transclusion, as template parameters cannot be embedded within the tags.

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