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on Battlefield 3

For users who wish to display there Battlefield 3 rank in a user-box.

  • Note:
    • basic wiki-table is used. if wished contributors can improve the table so users are able to customize there BF3Rank table.
    • For Ranks 1-45 enter a Rank Number of between 1-45 (For service Rank input enter ss1-ss100.
    • For Premium usage just put > Y
    • For Platform usage put PS4 / PS3 / X1 / X360 / PC
    • Battlelog user name is optional.
    • See Example Table Below.

{{Template:Userbox/BF3Rank |Platform = |Premium = |Rank = |Battlelog User Name = }}


|Platform = PS3
|Premium = Y
|Rank = ss100
|Battlelog User Name = Example


PS3-Ico Premium Ico
Ss100 This User Has Achieved
Ss100 Service Star 100!
on Battlefield 3

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