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Tex is a character in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War. He is a Marine pilot who flies an MH-60 Sea Hawk.


Not much is known about Tex's prior history other than he was stationed on the USS Valkyrie. He was later tasked with transporting CIA Agent Kovic and Olsen and his group of Marines to the Chinese/North Korean border via Sea Hawk for the first joint Sino-American operation to extract the North Korean responsible for the country's nuclear capabilities, codenamed Highbeam, who had defected.

Upon arriving at the landing zone, however, it is soon discovered that Highbeam had been strapped with explosives, killing several Marines and severely wounding others. Olsen shouted over the communications network for Tex to cover them as North Korean forces ambushed them but due to the high risk, Kovic promptly ordered Tex to disregard and wait until the enemy had been neutralized. Kovic attempted to explain to Olsen that if Tex got shot down then they will not have any extraction as the mission had been top secret and would be deniable by the US government.

Despite that, Olsen promptly insulted Kovic, stating that he needed to get his Marines extract ASAP and that they did not have time to wait due to their injuries. Offended, a fight broke out between Kovic and Olsen as North Korean forces closed in. The altercation soon ended as Tex returned to the LZ shooting his M79 grenade launchers at Korean forces and he attempted to land. Before they could reach it, however, the Sea Hawk was promptly shot down by Korean forces, destroying it.


  • Kovic notes that the barrel of Tex's M79 was cut so short that it looked like a weapon from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
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