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The City Needs Bread is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Turning Point of The Last Tiger War Story.


Dear Albert,

Another day. Another lost shipment. In response to your last communication, yes, of course I believe that you are sending the flour but you must also believe me that we haven't received it. Somewhere in the twenty miles between your mill and my factory, that flour is going AWOL.

Unless we have some sort of highway man type situation on our hands, which you would expect your drivers to report to you, I can only surmise that the theft is occurring at one of the two following points.

1. When the flour is loaded into the van. Who does this and are they being watched? 2. On route, the driver is stopping and unloading the flour

I know that the problem is not with the unloading at my end because I came in early to supervise the unloading myself this morning.

Could I suggest you supervise the loading of the next truck and you fit the vans with some sort of anti tamper device? This situation can not go on. The city needs bread and at the price it is being sold on the black market, made presumably with your stolen flour, the city will be hungry and bankrupt if this continues.

Is is our moral duty to get to the bottom of this.

Best wishes,

Hoffmann's Bread