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"A motivated gang of thieves is looking to score a bounty by stealing the ship’s manifest, and disrupt the Nebuchadnezzar’s alleged smuggling of illicit goods. The cops are lying in wait, hoping to catch the crooks in the act, but whose side are they really on?"

— Official Description

The Docks is a map featured in the Battlefield Hardline: Robbery expansion, taking place in the Oakland Docks of California. Taking place late at night after all the workers have clocked out, a band of Criminals are looking to steal the manifest of the biggest ship in the port, the Nebuchadnezzar as well as disrupt the ship's alleged smuggling of illicit goods.[1]

The map offers a variety of gameplay options with the maps main Levolution event being the option to destroy construction cranes holding cargo crates though the placement of a bullet in an specific area. The resulting destruction creates new pathways and keeps both factions on high alert.

Squad Heist takes place entirely aboard the Nebuchadnezzar ship though the map will also support all other modes such as normal Heist or Hotwire.


Flag Layout[]

Flag Conquest Conquest Large
Warehouse E
Cargo Hold A
Administration D
Deck B
Loader Storage C


Law Enforcement Law Enforcement
Light vehicle(s)

1 Police Truck
2 Police Interceptor
2 Dirt Bikes

Armored personnel carrier(s)

1 Mobile Command Post

Infantry fighting vehicle(s)

1 Intervention SUV


1 Scout Helicopter (Hardline)

Criminals Criminals
Light vehicle(s)

1 Heavy Duty Truck
2 Muscle Car
2 Dirt Bikes

Armored personnel carrier(s)

1 Syndicate Crew Cab

Infantry fighting vehicle(s)

1 Armored SUV


1 Response Helicopter


SWAT Deployment[]

Thieves Deployment[]



  • The ship's name (The Nebuchadnezzar) is a reference to the same ship that Morpheus captained in The Matrix series.
  • The map was first revealed during Gamescom 2015.
  • In the game files this map is named xp2_cargoship.