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The FT Tank is a Codex Entry featured in Battlefield 1. It is unlocked upon obtaining 10 kills with the FT-17 Light Tank.


The FT Tank Codex Entry

Perhaps the best tank of the war, and the model that shaped designs for future tanks. A small tank with a turret that could exploit breakthroughs and came equipped with a 37mm cannon or a machine gun. Built by the French but used by both French and American troops during the later parts of World War 1.


The commander in the turret would kick the driver in the head if he wanted to stop, or kick him in the back if he wanted to move forward. Repeated kicks in the head meant the driver should back up. This would surely put any friendship to the test.

After world war one, the tank was exported to many countries around the world and some were fielded in World War 2.


  • The FT-17 on the cover of this Codex does not belong to any of the three packages that Light Tank could use (Close Support, Flanker, and Howitzer). The tank appears to be only equipped with a HMG and is perhaps a cut content.