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"November 14, 1965 - The Battle for the Ia Drang Valley is the first true battle of the war. Until this point in time, altercations and hostilities were launched in secrecy from either side with the enemy having little chance for defense."

— Map Briefing

The Ia Drang Valley is a map featured in Battlefield Vietnam. It is based on the Battle for Landing Zone X-Ray, part of the Battle of Ia Drang, the first major battle of the Vietnam War.

The North Vietnamese Army starts with the most flags but to combat this the 7th Cavalry Regiment has superior airpower meaning that the USA can quickly insert and extract players into and out of flags.

Assault Conquest[]

"The Ia Drang Valley is an Assault Map. The U.S. forces begin with a constant ticket loss. This loss can be stopped by neutralizing and/or capturing an enemy control point. The N.V.A. forces begin the map with four Control Points. The N.V.A. will begin to constantly lose tickets if all but one Control Point is captured by the U.S."

— Map Briefing


BFVietnam insignia Cavalry
Flag of the United States 1st Battalion, 7th Regiment, United States Army
Light tank(s)
Fixed-wing aircraft
800px-Flag of North Vietnam.svg 66th North Vietnamese Army Regiment
Light tank(s)
Infantry fighting vehicle(s)
Anti-Aircraft Vehicle(s)


U.S. Base[]

The starting US airfield. It spawns an F-4 Phantom, an ACH-47, a Huey Gunship, a Huey Slick, a Sheridan, and an Air Cav Crate which can be airlifted into the battle. Under NVA control it will only spawn a PT-76.

In singleplayer there will be no Air Cav Crate or tank.

Eastern Hill[]

The northernmost NVA control point. It spawns four M-46 artillery pieces, a ZSU and a Tunnel entrance.

Western Hill[]

A NVA control point to the southwest of the Eastern Hill. It spawns only a ZSU.

Base Camp[]

A NVA control point to the southwest of the Western Hill. It spawns a BTR-60 for the NVA or an M113 for the US.


The southernmost NVA control point. It spawns a PT-76 for the NVA or a Sheridan for the US. Additionally, it will spawn a tunnel entrance for the NVA.

LZ X-ray[]

The initial US control point that is closest to the NVA control points.


In Evolution, this map is the first of a pair with Landing Zone Albany.