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The Long Nights is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Egalite of the Tirailleur War Story.


Dear Mother,

Thank you for your bundle of letters, they all came together and made me weak. Reading them all together almost made me fell like I was back at home with you all.

I can't believe that Lilane is training to be a nurse. I could have imagined her helping on a farm or posssibly mechanics. But nursing? I saw her trying to care for her dolls when she was little. I hope she's going to be a little more delicate with patients than she was with them! I suppose she has the stomach for blood and guts, so they've probably welcomed her with open arms, but let's just hope she is never let loose on a convalescent home. She couldn't nurse a pot plant back to health that girl.

Nothing here has changed much since my last letter to you. I man the roadblock. It's not quite what I had in mind when I signed up to defend my country. Between you and me it is really a very dull way to spend yours days. I have started writing poetry to keep my mind active during the long nights and Luc has lent me a novel to get started with tonight. Of course there are the occasional tense moments here when violence does threaten to errupt but don't worry, it's nothing at all like being on the front. I am sure I will be back with you and your magnificent baking very soon.

Tell Lilane not to kill anyone with her care,


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