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The More Heroic End is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Butcher and Bolt of the Under No Flag War Story.


Dear Margaret,

If you are reading this, I'm afraid the worst has happened.

Earlier this week when flying in a perilous sandstorm, I got separated from the rest of the group and found myself completely alone in the desert. I landed and made a small camp where I am writing this letter to you.

I have made the best of what scant provisions I have but find myself now in the unenviable position of facing death by thirst and exposure alone in the desert or taking my chances with my remaining fuel level and the high possibility of enemy fire to rejoin my comrades and eventually you my love.

I have chosen what I think is the more heroic end and hope you can draw comfort from my death coming whilst I was striving, still unbeaten, to serve my country and to be reunited to you.

I am spending what is probably my last day in a quiet reflection. Watching the considerable life that somehow survives in this inhospitable place. The darting lizards, the scorpions, the frankly enormous spiders. All of them solitary creatures, and so unlike you and me. This place feels like the end of the earth and as far from England as you could possibly imagine. I think about our wedding day, when we were courting, last Christmas, but mostly our everyday life. How I never appreciated the quiet companionship of sitting with you listening to the wireless, or eating dinner, or reading whilst you sewed. While I want you to know I faced this challenge stoically, I must confess my darling, I would do anything to not feel so alone. I must believe this crossing will be successful.

I love you. Be Brave,


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