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The Vault is a feature of Battlefield Heroes. It serves as a resting place for sets and items that after receiving a formal introduction to the game have since been removed from the store.

Items that enter the Vault are not removed from the game, they are simply not available for purchase any more. Items in the Vault may remain there for an indefinite amount of time. However, they may appear again for sale as a deal of the day or as a Hot deal for a limited amount of time. Additionally, holiday event items related to Christmas, Halloween and Easter, which are only available during their respective event, are also considered to be in the vault.


Items currently in the vault.

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National Royal
Captain’s Tier 1 Set Tier 1 Elite Set
Specialist’s Tier 1 Set Tier 1 Operative Set
Steiner’s Stratospheric Turbojet Set Sidney’s Skyranger Rocket Set
Thor’s Turbojet Set Rippin Rocket Set
Black Widow Set Punk Girl Set
Teutonic Tourist Set Royal Rancher Set
National Peacock Royal Peacock
CEC Advanced Set Titan Security Set
Metallo's Set Captain Royal's Set
Bane's Toxic Set Frost's Biting Set
Ace's Set Aviator's Set
Black Ninja's Set Nigel's Ninja Set
Samurai Set Bushido Set
Track Hunter's Set Road Ranger's Set
Dr.Doktor's Set Inventor's Set
Dr.Doktor's Set Inventor's Set
Destroyer Drone's Set Brass Bender's Set
Destroyer Drone's Mark II Set Brass Bender's Mark II Set
Space Seeker's Set Space Explorer's Set
Galactic Set Spaceman Set
Black Jack Bill's Set Long Shot McGee's Set
Navaja Roja's Set El Hermoso's Set
El Diablo Rojo's Set El Nacho Dorado's Set
National Track Set Royal Track Set
National Boxer Set Royal Boxer Set
National Tennis Set Royal Tennis Set
Agent Eks' Set Agent Cobb's Set
Jimmy's Bootlegger Set Sam's PI Set
Boris' Battleworn Set David's D-Day Set
Bonesetter's Set Paul the Patcher's Set
Intruder's Set Infiltrator's Set
Field Marshal's Set General Monty's Set
Hell Gawd's Set Hoaxer Hero's Set
Liberator's Set Hotshot's Set
Slope Hunter's Set Snow Surfer's Set
Primus' Droid Set Maximus' Mech Set
Primus' UberDroid Set Maximus' SuperMech Set
Xenophrenic's Psionic Set Otherwordly Set
Xenophrenic's Set Otherwordly Mutant Set
Ulrich's Untamed Set Top Dog's Set
Clint's Set Abe's Set
Clint's Clockwork Set Abe's Masterwork Set
Nightwatcher's Set Mutant's Set
Nightwatcher's Fangtastic Set Mutant's Bizzare Set
Occult Asssassin's Set Shade Hunter's Set
Corporal South's Set Corporal North's Set
Major South's Set Major North's Set


National Royal
Nikolau's Holiday Set Santa's Holiday Set
National Swim Suit Royal Swim Suit
Rein's Rudolph Nose Randy's Rudolph Nose
Frosty Face Paint Podrick's Party Beak
Henrietta's Holiday Mask Holly's Holiday Mask
Hilda's Holiday Mask Heather's Holiday Mask
Christmas Hats Christmas Hats


National Royal
Bunny Darko's Set Casey Rabbit Set


National Royal
Screaming Skeleton Set Zed's Dead Set
Nikolai's Nocturnal Set Grim's Varg Set
Hessian Handbag Dullahan's Cunning
Anubis' Servant Set Slave Mummy's Set


There isn't a lot of official information available regarding The Vault, but it appears to exist for two specific reasons. First of, to keep the store lightweight and easily navigable, and secondly, to improve business.

Prior to each set / item heading into the Vault, it is announced on the Battlefield Heroes website, and players are usually given a time-span of a few days to buy the items before they are removed. "Don't miss out" seems to be a clear message in the announcements.

Also, by making items unavailable, certain items that were perhaps not that popular may end up being considered as rare within the player base, thus become more interesting and tempting to have in a players unique customization.

What seems to be important to EAsy isn't just only to sell expensive items, but to sell more items than the player needs. A long time player who already has his personalized customization, with an item in each slot, may end up buying a new hat despite already having one, not because he liked the look of it better, but because it seemed to him as a more rare and unique item. Likewise, players on the fence as for whether or not to buy an item may find that the chance of the item never returning to the store again enough to make them click the Purchase button.


History related to the Vault - items entering and returning from the vault, complete with images.

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This weekend only - Tier 1 Sets[]

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Heading into the Vault - Wizard Sets[]

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Limited time only - Rippin Rocket Set / Thor’s Turbojet Set[]

Limited time only - Sidney's Skyranger Set / Steiner's Stratospheric Set[]