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"The Chicago gangsters made the "Tommy Gun" famous in the 1920s. The US Army adopted it in 1938 for its accuracy and high rate of fire, and Allied Commando and Ranger units used it extensively."

— In-game description

The M1928A1 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It was first seen in the promotional art and Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer.


The M1928A1 is the starting weapon for player character Billy Bridger in the war story Under No Flag, equipped with an extended drum magazine and a Lattey Sight. During The Last Tiger, enemy United States Army Assault and Support troops use M1928A1s, equipped with unique 30 round magazines and 50 round drums, respectively.


It is unlocked for the Medic kit at class rank 20. Unlike in previous games, the damage profile of the M1928A1's .45 ACP round is practically identical to the other 9x19mm SMGs - starting at 25 damage and dropping off at the same rate to 12 damage.

The weapon is closest in performance to the Suomi KP/-31, with slightly better accuracy and control that comes from a marginally lower default rate of fire of 720 RPM - the third highest in its class. This results in a very short time-to-kill at short range, although this comes at the cost of high per-shot recoil, very low muzzle velocity and tied lowest magazine capacity in the category of 20 rounds. Paired with its high fire rate, a standard magazines can be exhausted very quickly in fully automatic fire - while reload time fortunately short, this potentially limits the number of enemies that can be engaged in sequence. The weapon has decent hip fire accuracy inherent to the SMG class which can be further boosted through specializations, and allows the weapon to retain effectiveness even while on the move.

The M1928A1's two upgrade paths, identical in layout to the Suomi KP/-31's upgrade tree, intends to improve responsiveness in mobile engagements, and alleviate some of the weapon's primary weaknesses, respectively. Left path upgrades of Slings and Swivels, Enhanced Grips and Recoil Buffer assist controllability, with the latter reducing vertical recoil to 0.688, helping specifically with the Rank 3 upgrade of Light Bolt which raises fire rate to 900 RPM. The right upgrade path is comprised of Quick Aim, Custom Stock and Polished Action, which combined contribute to increased responsiveness and accuracy. The alternative Rank 3 upgrade Extended Magazine more than doubles capacity to 50 rounds, alleviating the weapon's primary drawback but increases the time taken to reload by about a third.