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A Throwing Knife is a specially designed Knife that is intended specifically for being thrown at a target. They are generally made out of single piece of material, usually steel, and weighted to be balanced during flight. Throwing Knives are generally ineffective combat weapons, as the knife will probably be unrecoverable after if it is thrown during a combat situation, and mostly used as novelty or sporting items.

Battlefield 1942[]

"The throwing knife is standard issue for the British Commando and the German Elite. This weapon may be low tech, but it's highly lethal. In the hands of a seasoned soldier, a well-thrown knife can kill an enemy instantly. This knife can be your best friend when you're in need of stealth or out on the battlefield and low on ammo."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual, Throwing Knife

The Commando Knife and the German Elite Knife are weapons featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion and are issued to the British Commandos and the German Elite Forces respectively, replacing the default Knife. They appear identically to the Allied and Axis Knife respectively from the base game, however, they can be operated in two ways:

  • With the Main fire key, the knives can be thrown. Each kit starts with five knives.
  • With the Alternate fire key, the knives can be used as a melee weapon, identically to the Knife from the base game. This mode is available as long as at least one knife is in reserve.

The other two factions featured in Secret Weapons of WWII, the United States Army and Wehrmacht, continue to use the default knife from the base game.

Battlefield Vietnam[]

BF1 Trash Cut content
The subject of this article, Commando Knife, has been cut from the final version of Battlefield Vietnam.

The Commando knife is a weapon which was cut from Battlefield Vietnam early in development. It shares the same model as the standard United States/Army of the Republic of Vietnam Knife, but is held with the blade upwards rather than downwards.

Its animations seem to be identical to that of the Knife in Battlefield 1942; however, its damage system files indicate that it was originally intended to be used like the throwing knife from the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion for Battlefield 1942 rather than as a close-quarters weapon.

Battlefield Hardline[]

The Throwing Knife is an all kit weapon introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Robbery expansion.

Unlike other blades featured in Hardline, the Throwing Knife fills the Grenade slot instead of the melee slot, and is thrown as a projectile. While it has an extremely limited range, it will kill in one hit, making it ideal in close quarters situations[1].

The Gold Throwing Knife is unlocked upon completion of the Rubber Arm Syndicate assignment. Upon obtaining 25 kills with the Throwing Knife, the "That's Not a Knife" achievement/trophy will be unlocked.



Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
That's Not a Knife! That's Not a Knife! Kill 25 enemies with the Throwing Knife 50G Silver

Battlefield V[]

"A sharp and well balanced blade to silently take down an enemy from a distance."

— In-game description

The Throwing Knife is a gadget featured in Battlefield V. As they fill the Grenade slot, they are replenished primarily at Supply Stations, but can also be scavenged.


The Throwing Blade is a gadget that appears in the Nordlys War Story as part of the player's starting loadout in the first and third acts. Players are equipped with a maximum of six throwing knives. Due to the limited availability of suppressed weapons, throwing knives are a viable options for clearing areas undetected. In this mode, obtaining a hit with a throwing knife is an instant kill at any range, and thrown knives can be retrieved from the ground or enemy bodies.


The Throwing Knife is issued to the Recon kit. Players are equipped with two throwing knives. A Throwing Knife hit on any part of the body is lethal within 10 meters, and can also kill with headshots at any range. However, making such hits at extended range can be troublesome due to the slow travel speed and high drop in flight. Furthermore the lack of a precise aiming reticule and the flicking animation as the knife is thrown can add to to the difficulty in using the weapon effectively. To assist with aiming, a knife can be readied by holding down the Grenade button, with the knife being thrown upon release.

Unlike other thrown weapons, any dropped Ammo Pouch will restock the player with one knife—up to the maximum of two—in addition to the pouch's normal ammunition replenishment. This potentially allows the player to string together multiple kills at close range. Ammo Pouches given by friendly Support players do not supply knives. Any missed knives stuck to objects cannot be retrieved.


"Most likely derived from a masonry or gardening tool and transformed into a formidable and silent throwing weapon."

— In-game description

When playing as the Japanese, the Throwing Knife is replaced by the functionally identical Kunai.


Battlefield 2042[]

"Upon hit, this deadly weapon will instantly kill hostiles. Useful at shorter ranges as it requires a large degree of precision and timing. Raising the knife before throwing, greatly increases the speed of the throw."

— In-game description

The Throwing Knife is a throwable gadget featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in Escalation season. Player can unlock the gadget by reaching tier 16 in Battle Pass. Available to Assault and Recon. Player are equipped with 3 knives when spawning with the knife can be retrieve after throwing.



  • Battlefield V originally equipped players with six throwing knives. Additionally, throwing knives had a maximum damage range of 15 meters. This was reduced to 7 meters in a subsequent patch, and was later increased to its current range of 10 meters.