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Not to be confused with the AS-665 Tiger.

Tiger I

The Tiger I in reality.

The Tiger (German: Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausführung H; English: Panzer VI version H - nicknamed Tiger) was a German heavy tank designed by Henschel & Son in 1942. The Tiger I was designed to match the Soviet tanks encountered in early stages of the Eastern Front. They were complicated and difficult to produce, hence only a bit over 1300 were built and put into service, making their involvement limited. Despite its effectiveness, the Tiger's cost and difficulty to maintain proved to be major flaws.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Tiger is the stand heavy tank featured in Battlefield 1942 for the Wehrmacht and Afrika Korps. It is the equivalent of the Allied M10 and T-34. It has a main cannon with 30 rounds and a co-axial machine gun with 400 rounds. Being a heavy tank, it sports considerably more firepower and armor than medium tanks, the shells it fires dealing more damage and having a larger damage radius, and can itself withstand a great amount of enemy fire. It will, however, still succumb instantly when stepping on an Engineer's landmine, and can still be easily destroyed by explosive packs.

Like the other heavy tanks, rounds fired by its gun travel in a noticeable arc, slightly hampering its effectiveness at long ranges. Another disadvantage is its lack of a top-mounted machinegun, meaning it is more vulnerable to aerial attacks and infantry attacking from the rear.


Battlefield VEdit

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The Tiger I is a vehicle featured in Battlefield V, and was first seen in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer.


The Tiger I features prominently in the singleplayer war story The Last Tiger.


The Tiger I is the heavy tank of the German faction, counterpart to the British Churchill Mk VII The driver has access to a 88mm Kwk 36 main gun and a coaxial MG 34, while there are two more slots, one for a hull machine gunner and another slot for a top gunner.

A variant of the Tiger I, the Sturmtiger also appears in game as a Squad Reinforcement that may be called in by Squad Leaders.


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