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"It’s high-intensity all-out infantry warfare, where Senegalese units of the French Colonial Forces fight to liberate the French “homeland” that they’ve never even seen before."

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Tirailleur is the fourth singleplayer War Story featured in Battlefield V. It follows the Senegalese units of the French Colonial Forces during their participation in Operation Dragoon, the landings made in southern France beginning in August 1944.

The protagonist of this chapter is Deme Cisse, who recounts the events of the campaign in flashbacks as an old man. He is assisted by Idrissa, a more experienced soldier. Their company is considered completely outmatched in its task of attacking and securing entrenched enemy positions manned by crack Fallschirmjäger units in the French countryside inland from the Côte d'Azur.[1]


"We know someone is still out there...
Just tell me who it is."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield V.

A veteran recounts his memories of fighting in World War II, however, he and his comrades aren't in a photograph.

In 1944, the Normandy landings has become the turning point for the Allied Powers. The subsequent operations Overlord and Dragoon would follow. The forces included the French colonial troops, or the Tirailleurs. Deme and Idrissa are some of the colonial troops sent.


The Tirailleurs Senegalais have been sent to the French mainland, but they were not meant for frontline fighting. However, a French captain gives the Tirailleurs a mission: to destroy German AA emplacements and capture a chateau to create a stronghold for the main offensives.

The next day, while on the way to the battlefield, Stuka bombers attacked Deme and their convoy, prompting a ground attack, securing the frontline, destroying Schanze 66 AT guns, and securing a German HQ.

Upon securing the German HQ and holding the line from a German offensive, Deme encounters a limping German soldier. As he is ready to shoot, Idrissa stops him. Idrissa, being the head of the offensive, orders a base on the captured HQ, but Deme wants to keep pushing on, much to Idrissa's chagrin, but motivating comrades in the process, stating that they have done more than what the main force could do, and their valiant continuation to the objective would give them huge recognition.


With Deme's motivating speech, the next objective was to split up to stealthily attack the AA guns. However, the separation turned to disaster, as several comrades encountered German resistance, forcing them to surrender.

As Deme rejoins the main battle force, the main objective was in sight. They begin attacking the AA guns, gaining ground, but at the cost of Idrissa's further chagrin, as so many soldiers of his died. A wounded German revealed that they are surrounded, and with it, Deme recommends attacking the chateau to deceive the German forces who are expecting the Tirailleurs to hold the line or retreat.

Fraternité Ou La Mort[]

The Tirailleurs begin their attack on the chateau without support. Deme becomes the leader of the squad, with Idrissa giving him a flare gun. First, they have to destroy the nearby village's defenses; then, they capture a holding point to the chateau, and finally, begin a breakthrough inside the chateau.

Upon breaking in, what seemed to be victory, was followed by an armored attack by a Tiger I tank. It begins killing everyone but Deme and Idrissa, with the former almost on the brink of death. Idrissa begins to attack the tank by opening the hatch and exploding a grenade, killing every crew member and fatally wounding Idrissa, who had died from severe blood loss.

After the ambush, Deme and the last of the squad breach through a medical room, encountering wounded Germans, followed by the arrival of the main battle force led by the captain. The captain congratulates the Tirailleurs for their valiant efforts, and they are photographed, but the final photograph excluded them.

Following the capture, the liberation of Paris caused a full exclusion of the colonial troops, known as blanchiment, ordered by Charles de Gaulle after assuring that Allied victory is inevitable. Deme says that they were replaced with more "familiar" people, and what he and his comrades have done will never be forgotten.

200,000 Tirailleurs fought for France. In 2010, France granted full military pensions to 30,000 surviving veterans from Africa, and in 2017, former French president Francois Hollande awarded 28 surviving Senegalese Tirailleurs French citizenship.[2]

Video Walkthroughs[]





  • Find all Letters
  • Get through the forest undetected
  • Find 3 bottles of wine

Fraternité Ou La Mort[]

  • Find all Letters
  • Neutralize the first outpost without using the flare gun
  • Blow up the first outpost without having been detected


  • Tirailleur is similar to the Battlefield 1 War Story Avanti Savoia!. Both war stories feature an older character who are recounting the role they played in the respective war, and both of them mentioned the motto of their respective factions.
  • All of the acts in Tirailleur are named after the French national motto.