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Tombstone Squad refers to two different military squads that appear in the Battlefield Series. Tombstone Squad, Seventh Fleet consists of US Marines that participated in the War of 2020 and appear in Battlefield 4 as the main protagonists. A new squad with the same name was formed in 2048 and consists of several No-Pat Specialists.

Battlefield 4[]

At the onset of Battlefield 4's campaign, Tombstone Squad consists of Staff Sergeant William Dunn, and his subordinates Sergeant Daniel Recker, Staff Sergeant Kimble "Irish" Graves, and Sergeant Clayton Pakowski.

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"You'll back me up, right?"
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 4.


Tombstone squad was sent to Baku, Azerbaijan to obtain some intelligence from a defecting Russian general regarding Chang, a Chinese admiral, and his plans of staging a coup in China. The squad is successful in retrieving the intel, but they are discovered by Russian Special Forces troops as they try to escape from the city.

After an Mi-28 Havoc destroys their extraction helo, Dunn has part of his right leg amputated to free him from the rubble of a destroyed factory. The squad drives off in a Civilian SUV to their secondary extraction point.

The Mi-28 continues chasing them. Recker destroys it with an M320, causing the Mi-28 to crash in front of Tombstone's car, forcing Recker to veer off into the sea. After a heated argument in their sinking vehicle, Recker shoots the front window to allow Tombstone to escape the sinking car, but at the cost of Dunn's life as he was trapped under a seat and could not be freed in time.

It is revealed Tombstone's efforts to obtain the intel were all for nothing as an unknown caller states this while talking to US Navy Captain Garrison, all while ordering him and his fleet to head towards the east coast of China.


Reduced to three in number, they are tasked with rescuing three VIPs from a perilous situation in Shanghai. Diverted by a military checkpoint and a civilian riot, they approach Zhi Yu Towers on foot.

Their inflitration is cut short when they accidentally encounter Chinese Special Forces also sent to capture the VIPs. Combat ensues, with the Chinese now aware of the Americans' presence. At the rendezvous point, Chinese soldiers are killed by an explosion. From the safety of the adjoining room, CIA agent Laszlo W. Kovic greets Tombstone.

They are able to proceed to the roof where a helicopter is found. Kovic uses it to exfiltrate the VIPs, leaving behind Tombstone in the process. They are forced to flee back down to ground level, discovering that conditions on the ground have degraded to civil war. Friendly civilians led by a woman named Chen guide them towards the nearby harbor, now guarded by Chinese armor. Tombstone defeats the armor threat and secures their escape, just as an electromagnetic pulse occurs in the skies overhead.

South China Sea[]

Tombstone squad is tasked with infiltrating the USS Titan, an attacked aircraft carrier that was part of the ill-fated US 7th Carrier Group off the coast of Singapore, and retrieving any information as to what happened to the fleet. They are forced to follow Kovic, acting as their squad leader, and are also joined by Agent Huang "Hannah" Shuyi, another of the VIPs rescued from Shanghai.

They discover that the Titan has been struck by Chinese anti-ship missiles. On their way to the objective, Tombstone is forced to bypass dead and trapped sailors. After reaching the damage control center and retrieving the needed information, the squad is ambushed by Chinese soldiers. However, the Titan then starts to split in half, forcing the squad to traverse its flight deck, which is littered with destroyed aircraft.

Upon reaching the end of the flight deck, Kovic spots an abandoned DV-15 Interceptor and tells the squad to use it in order to get back to the USS Valkyrie, their main base of operations. Kovic is mortally wounded by enemy air support during the escape. They dispatch many enemy boats along the way. They return to the Valkyrie in time to protect Garrison against enemy boarders attempting to capture him.


The Valkyrie and her task force is still vulnerable to air attack, staged from Changi Airport in Singapore. Garrison tasks Tombstone with forward observation of the Valkyrie's remaining cruise missiles. An approaching storm provides them with ample time to prepare an amphibious invasion. Irish starts to doubt Hannah's loyalties.

Tombstone's assault is aided by elements of Anvil 2 company, though mounting losses require them to commandeer one of their M1 Abrams tanks. Tensions between Irish and Hannah rise. They must traverse a bridge on foot, but are thwarted by the storm. Their inflitration instead continues underground.

Resurfacing inside the airport perimeter, they discover that the storm has cleared enough for Q-5 Fantan attack jets to prepare for takeoff. Tombstone fights through defenders for an ideal position to signal the strike. Valkyrie is able to launch their strike mission before the Chinese can. Tombstone is incapacitated by the strike, and captured by the PLA forces now led by Hannah.

Kunlun Mountains[]

Tombstone is relocated to a prison complex in the Kunlun Mountains, while the Valkyrie departs the conflict. During interrogation at the hands of Admiral Chang and Bohai, it is accidentally revealed that Tombstone's third VIP is Chinese President Jin Jié, thought to have been killed much earlier.

Recker recovers from his torture alongside another prisoner, Dimitri "Dima" Mayakovsky, a Russian who also reveals he knows of Jin Jié, and has been eavesdropping on Chinese conversation. Dima chooses this moment to break out of their cell, and towards the door controls in the panopticon. They recover Irish during the ensuing riot, aided by fellow prisoners and what weapons they can liberate from fallen guards.

Chinese reinforcements arrive by helicopter as the team make it to the depot and main gate. They manage to repel the security team and pass through the gate, but are again captured by Bohai, Hannah, and another guard. Before Bohai can act, Hannah kills him and the guard. Dima prevents Irish from retaliating against Hannah, who in turn returns Recker's Tactical Binos, and later confirms her mission to protect Jin Jié.

Realizing they are now high in the mountains, they engage the outside forces and more approaching reinforcements attacking them with vehicles and grenade launchers. They clear a path towards the complex's cable car, but are cut down by an attacking Z-11W. Dima is killed, but finally free.


Eager to return to the Valkyrie, Tombstone encounters a US reconnaissance team in Tashgar lead by Molina. After freeing his superior Major Greenland from a Russian siege, they barter for transport back to the Valkyrie in exchange for clearing remaining Russian Ground Forces in the area. To that end, they settle on destruction of the nearby dam to clear anti-air sites and allow the US to resume air support. Following their success, Greenland arranges a skylift for Tombstone.


Tombstone is brought to Suez, where the Valkyrie is being assailed by Chang's forces. Aboard, they reunite with Pac, who was presumed KIA (killed in action) in Singapore. Chinese forces continue to board the Valkyrie, at which point Jin Jié reveals himself and orders his forces to cease all hostilities.

Chang remains determined to destroy Jin Jié and the Valkyrie. With the Valkyrie depleted, the team's remaining option is to load C4 and attack via boat. Although they successfully place charges aboard Chang's warship, they are unable to set them off. Both Irish and Hannah volunteer to deliver their remaining cache of C4. Recker chooses one of them to make this suicidal run (or fails to choose and loses the Valkyrie).

Battlefield 2042[]

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"The world wants to forget we exist. We will force them to see."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 2042.

Five years after the end of the War of 2042 in 2043, tensions across the globe heightened from the revelation that there was a build-up of Eastern forces in Czechia. These forces were led by the Nova Group who were actively attempting to secure a vital train route in the region. Local resistance fighters called the Moravian Guard have been actively engaging Eastern Forces to prevent them from pushing west. With their suspected links to Western forces, the world watched in fear as the conflict could develop into an all-out war.

No-Pat Specialist Maria Falck was contacted by Colonel Greenland who hacked her communications. Greenland promised Falck a lead to her son if she traveled to Czechia to make contact with the Moravian Guard and learn more about a mysterious transmission coming from the area. Falck agreed and gathered several of her old No-Pat comrades to aid her in her mission: Santiago Espinoza, Pyotr Guskovsky, and Wikus Van Daele. Under the suggestion of Kimble Graves, Falck named her squad Tombstone.[1]


Battlefield 3[]


Tombstone dogtag available in Battlefield 3 multiplayer.

  • On June 11, 2013, a Dogtag was released to Battlefield 3 Premium members; TOMBSTONE SQUAD ENLISTED was inscribed on it, referring to Tombstone squad.

Battlefield 4[]

  • Every member of Tombstone is either a Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, or agent.
  • It is not known what unit the squad is assigned to, except that their parent branch is the US Marine Corps and they are a special operations unit.

Battlefield 2042[]

  • Given the situation at the finale of Battlefield 4, it may be presumed that Hannah sacrificed herself. No further evidence supports this beyond Irish's survival (the player having been presented with a choice between Irish or Hannah), and the presumption that the events of Admiral Chang's destruction did not deviate from the story.