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Tombstone Squad, Seventh Fleet, is a squad of US Marines who appear in Battlefield 4 as the main protagonists.

Battlefield 4Edit

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This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 4.


Tombstone squad was sent to Baku, Azerbaijan to obtain some intelligence from a defecting Russian general regarding Chang, a Chinese military admiral, and his plans of staging a coup in China. The squad is successful in retrieving the intel, but they are discovered by Russian Special Forces troops as they try to escape from the city.

After an Mi-28 Havoc destroys their extraction helo, Dunn, the squad leader, has part of his right leg amputated to free him from the rubble of a destroyed factory, the squad drives off in a Civilian SUV to their secondary extraction point.

However, the Mi-28 from before tails them and Recker destroys it with an M320, causing the Mi-28 to crash in front of Tombstone's car forcing Recker to veer off into the sea. After a heated argument, Recker shoots the front window to allow Tombstone to escape the sinking car, but at the cost of Dunn's life as he was trapped under a seat and could not be freed in time.

It is revealed Tombstone's efforts to obtain the intel were all for nothing as an unknown caller states this while talking to US Navy Captain Garrison, all while ordering him and his fleet to head towards the east coast of China.

South China SeaEdit

Tombstone squad was tasked with infiltrating the USS Titan, an attacked aircraft carrier that was part of the ill-fated US 7th Carrier Group off the coast of Singapore, and retrieving any information as to what happened to the fleet.

After reaching the damage control center and retrieving the needed information, the squad is ambushed by Chinese soldiers. However, the "Titan" then starts to split in half, forcing the squad to traverse its runway, which is littered with destroyed aircraft.

Upon reaching the end of the runway, Kovic, a CIA operative who is attached with Tombstone squad, spots an abandoned DV-15 Interceptor and tells the squad to use it in order to get back to the USS Valkyrie, their main base of operations. They dispatch many enemy boats along the way. When they finally catch up, they discover the ship door to be open. They ride in, and the door shuts behind them.


  • On June 11, 2013, a Dogtag (shown above) was released to Battlefield 3 Premium members; TOMBSTONE SQUAD ENLISTED was inscribed on it, referring to Tombstone squad.
  • Every member of Tombstone is either a Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, or agent.
  • It is not known what unit the squad is assigned to, except that their parent branch is the U.S. Marine Corps and they are a special operations unit.
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