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Too Young To Enlist is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Butcher and Bolt of the Under No Flag War Story.


Little brother,

I am bored. I am so very bored. Do you remember that time mother polished the floor and it was going to take six hours to dry? And we said we didn't care and we would happily be trapped in the plant room at the end of the living room because we were playing some minor game in there. And then we discovered how very long six hours could be.

Every single day here is like being trapped in the plant room.

I get up, get to my station and... nothing. I receive orders, write them down, relay the orders. And that is it. My contribution to the war effort is passing on messages. I started out being frightened but now I find myself almost wishing for an emergency or some unexpected enemy fire or maybe a gas leak? Anything to break up the days.

Enjoy being too young to enlist yet, go outside, do something. Life is too short to sit in a plant room.