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An example of a top up gift.

Top Up Gifts are a feature of Battlefield Heroes. They are gifts that are awarded after purchasing Battlefunds and Play4Free Funds and can be redeemed in a player's rewards section. The contents of a top up gift vary and can include weapons, clothing, Abilities, Widgets, etc. The quality of contents in Top Up Gifts is increased based on the amount of funds purchased.


These Top Up Gifts were added for the Halloween 2014 update.

Price Royal Army National Army
16,500P4F Funds BFH BFH Green Witch Mask BFH Grey Witch Mask
22,000P4F Funds BFH BFH Grin of the Dead BFH Smile of the Dead
50,000P4F Funds BFH BFH Mr. Smile's HairBFH Mr. Smile's Makeup BFH Mr. Happy's HairBFH Mr. Happy's Makeup

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