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Torpedo IRL

A Torpedo during World War I

A torpedo is a self-propelled wepaon with an explosive warhead, launched above or below the water surface, propelled underwater towards a target, and designed to detonate either on contact or within proximity of its target.

While the battleship had evolved primarily around engagements between armored ships with large-caliber guns, the torpedo allowed torpedo boats and other lighter surface ships, submersibles, even ordinary fishing boats or frogmen, and later, aircraft, to destroy large armored ships without the need of large guns, though sometimes at the risk of being hit by longer-range shellfire.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

The Torpedo is an ammunition type featured in Battlefield 1. It is available on the M.A.S. Torpedo Boat, the L-Class Destroyer and as a specialization for the Torpedo Package for Bombers. It serves as the most effective weapon against the Dreadnought as well as other Torpedo Boats. Torpedoes may be able to injure or kill ground units near the shore or crossing shallow water. The impact deals 100 damage, and an additional 250 damage within 3 meters, tapering off to 8 meters.

The Fall 2016 update allows air-dropped torpedoes to be used as a heavy bomb against ground targets. In this event, the torpedo only inflicts 200 blast damage, but out to 5 meters.


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