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For the anti-tank weapon, see TOW.

Towing is the process of coupling two or more objects together so that they may be pulled to a different location. This is normally accomplished by motorized vehicles, animals, or humans through the use of a chain, rope, cable, hitch, etc. In regards to militaries, vehicle recovery is normally performed by towing to free immobile vehicles. Likewise it has been used to move weapon emplacements to favorable positions.

Battlefield Vietnam[]

BFV Chinook Airlift

An ACH-47 airlifting a Sheridan

In Battlefield Vietnam, the ACH-47 and both Huey variants have the ability to Airlift US vehicles. All US ground vehicles (including naval vessel such as the Tango and PBR) have a "hook" and can be airlifted.

Airlifting a vehicle can be done from the pilot seat by holding alternative fire over a US vehicle. The helicopter will need to hover over the vehicle and wait for the winch to fully deploy as indicated by the red and green lights in the bar. Both vehicles should remain as still as possible while moving the hook into the airlift point's radius. Once the hook is in the radius, the red light will flash, the bottom bar will fill up over the course of 0.4 seconds, and the light will turn green, signaling that the vehicle is hooked up and ready to be airlifted. The pilot can release the hook by pressing the same button that brings down the hook; additionally, the driver of the vehicle can simply accelerate to detach or avoiding being hooked.

Airlifting has multiple uses, including moving vehicles from point A to point B faster, as well as transporting players within vehicles behind enemy lines to capture flags.

Certain vehicles have a modifier that makes them harder to transport and control while towed; M151s and M113s are the easiest while heavier vehicles such as the M110 and the M48 Patton are the hardest.

NVA/VC vehicles cannot be airlifted due to lacking a "hook". However, this does not stop an NVA/VC player from stealing a Huey and airlifting a US Vehicle.

Battlefield V[]

Panzer 38T towing Flak 38 BF5

A Panzer 38T towing a Flak 38

Towing is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Battlefield V. It allows players to hitch stationary weapons such as anti-tank or anti-air guns to vehicles, and move them to different locations around the battlefield.

In order to hitch an emplacement to a vehicle, the driver must first back into what they intend to tow and then press the Self Repair button to perform a successful hitch. All tanks and light ground vehicles (including civilian vehicles in Firestorm) are capable of towing. Additionally, emplacements may still be used while they are being towed by another player.

In general, towable stationary weapons spawn near a vehicle in a team's main deployment or on a flag once captured. Although identical in appearance, they differ from static emplacements, built in set locations using the fortifications system, which cannot be towed. For example, towable weapons are influenced by physics - they may roll away when set up on sloped surfaces, and can be pushed around by explosions and the recoil blast from tanks and other cannons. Towable guns can also be destroyed by ramming them with a heavy vehicle.

The primary benefit of the towing system is that it allows players to set up heavy anti-vehicle weapons in locations that are unpredictable, relative to the immobile and location-consistent emplacements, as well as to provide defensive assets to areas that are lacking them. Unhitching a stationary weapon in the capture zone of a friendly-held objective will award players points for the "Objective Fortified" Support action.

Towable items[]

The Churchill Crocodile tows its own fuel trailer that is permanently hitched.


Battlefield V[]

  • During the Beta and at release, towing stationary weapons caused significant physics issues, especially when driving a vehicle in reverse in a confined area, to the point where the weapon and vehicle could be damaged. This has since been patched.
  • The towed vehicle is still counted as a separate vehicle, and can be entered and used by the other team.[1]
  • If a friendly player on the towed gun kills themselves, the towing player is awarded a Driver Assist.


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