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Tractors are vehicles designed to haul heavy equipment by their highly tractive efforts. The term is commonly applied to agriculture vehicles that mechanize tasks with their power and traction.[1]

Battlefield V[]

"With an engine capable of producing awesome amounts of torque, the Tractor excels in most environments. It offers neither protection nor firepower, however. No soldier in their right mind would drive this to the battlefield."

— In-game description

Tractors are vehicles featured in Battlefield V. They are featured on many rural multiplayer maps in either a gray or red paint scheme, but cannot be interacted with. The vehicle appears in a usable form on Marita, where it spawns by the Kostas Farm objective but does not respawn after being destroyed. It can also be found in larger numbers on Provence, spawning near the USA and German deployments, as well as at Hilltop Farm. In the Firestorm gammemode, the Tractor can be found randomly on Halvøy. All drivable Tractors are painted red.

The vehicle seats one player. In terms of effectiveness, the vehicle has very low health, while its slow speed and lack of a cab leaves the operator more vulnerable to fire compared to most if not all other light vehicles. Despite this it may still outrun players on foot. The tractor can also hitch and tow stationary AA or AT guns.