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The training system featured in BFP4F, in particular, the Assault Kit is shown.

The Training system is a feature introduced in, and unique to, Battlefield Play4Free. It is similar to the specialization system of other installments, but differs in that instead of acquiring experience in a Kit to unlock a specialization, every time a player ranks up with their soldier, they can increase their level in a training option for that soldier.


The training system allows the player to acquire abilities, passive effects, or extra equipment as they increase in rank. Each time the player levels up, they gain one training point, which they can then spend on a particular equipment piece, skill, or passive effect. There are three tiers and two categories (with tier three currently being blank). The second tier of each category must be unlocked by spending five points in the first tier. Training offers two different type of expertises:

  • Equipment Expertises focus on a soldier's available equipment they are able to take with them in to battle. Much of these options level up a player's ability to use equipment like Ammunition Boxes, Medkits, or the Repair Tool, while others allow a player to fly aircraft, use secondary weapons on tanks and APC's, or increase overall ammunition.
  • Combat Expertises focus on increasing a soldier's ability to find and eliminate targets, along with moving around the battlefield. Many options level up a player's awareness to nearby enemies and explosives, while some allow the player to move and climb faster.

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