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A training system is a feature introduced in, and unique to, Battlefield Play4Free.


Similar to the specializations of previous Battlefield games, the training system allows the player to acquire abilities, passive effects, or extra equipment as they level up. Each time the player levels up, they gain one training point, which they can then spend on a particular equipment piece, skill, or passive effect. There are two tiers and two categories (tier three currently being blank), and the second tier of each category must be unlocked by spending five points in the first tier.

There is a combat expertise and an equipment expertise category. The combat expertise category gives the user an advantage whilst in combat or improves their infantry abilities. The equipment expertise category allows the player to use Smoke Grenades, fragmentation grenades, anti-tank mines, as well as improving their abilities with vehicles or improving the usage of the class-specific gadgets such as the Ammunition Box or medkit.

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