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For similar systems in other Battefield games, see Supply Drop (Battlefield Heroes) and Battlepack.
BFH Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest is a microtransaction system featured in Battlefield Heroes. Treasure Chests were formerly bought for 999P4F Funds BFH, but were changed to be obtained randomly by damaging enemy players in games, and can be opened by the use of Treasure Chest Keys. Treasure Chests are functionally identical to supply drops. The contents of the Treasure Chest change over time, unlike other supply drops, and contain weapons, widgets, and cosmetics. Keys are purchased for 499P4F Funds BFH each, and can be purchased in bundles of 10 keys, 25 keys and 50 keys. Keys were also able to be earned via promotions or obtained through redeemable codes, The Claw and Deal of the Day. Each chest and key is unique for the character they are purchased for, with a maximum of 10 chests able to be held at any one point by a given character.[1]

Final RevisionEdit

Royal Army
BFH Graceful UnicornheadBFH Elegant HorseheadBFH Murmillo HelmetBFH Black Manga HairBFH Desu GlassesBFH Mack's Fur CoatBFH Mack's Fur HatBFH Herbalist's HatBFH Mark of the RaccoonBFH Mark of the SnakeBFH Purple Manga HairBFH Cheiftain Bahto's WarpaintBFH Cheiftain Bahto's PonytailBFH Cheiftain Bahto's PiercingsBFH Tiger TightsBFH Camo TightsBFH Burt's Big MoustacheBFH Grouchy GlassesBFH Flyin' Stripes Tank TopBFH Joacim's Stainless ChestpieceBFH Joacim's Stainless HelmetBFH Joacim's Stainless ShouldersBFH Joacim's Stainless LegsBFH Cheiftain Bahto's CoverBFH Cheiftain Bahto's SkirtBFH Cheiftain Bahto's MoccasinsBFH Cheiftain Bahto's Quiver
National Army
BFH Euphoric UnicornheadBFH Magnificent HorseheadBFH Red Manga HairBFH Kawaii GlassesBFH Rocker's Misunderstood HairdoBFH Brave Slinky's War BonnetBFH Brave Slinky's War PaintBFH Warrior's Red WarpaintBFH Turquoise Manga HairBFH Rocker's Non-conformist HairdoBFH Pink Cheetah TightsBFH Cheetah TightsBFH Striped Tiger TightsBFH Pink Tiger TightsBFH Brave Slinky's War VestBFH Brave Slinky's War SkirtBFH Brave Slinky's MoccasinsBFH Brave Slinky's Quiver
BFH Supreme BandageBFH Supreme WrenchBFH Terrific Health TonicBFH Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants

Previous ItemsEdit

Royal Army
Cosmetics BFH Sharky's Red HeadbandBFH Solid HeadbandBFH Dragon Lotus StyleBFH Lady of the Sun Arm TattooBFH Smiling Serpent TattooBFH Timmy the Tiger TattooBFH Blue Blood's FezBFH Blue Blood's SideburnsBFH Dire Wolf's Plated LegsBFH Dire Wolf's Feathered HelmetBFH Dire Wolf's Plated PadsBFH Drayseen the DragonBFH Royal Japan War PaintBFH Cruel Barbarian's TailBFH O'Leary the LeprechaunBFH Lumber Mill Fur HatBFH Swanson's Swell SweaterBFH Inflatable Safety PenguinBFH Sloan's Festive ShortsBFH Sander's SandalsBFH Earle's EarmuffsBFH Agent's BalaclavaBFH Tiger StealthBFH Cowboy's IncognitoBFH Vick's Victory BalaclavaBFH Skier's Gingerbread MaskBFH Royal Chameleon MaskBFH Maximus' SuperMech HeadBFH Maximus' SuperMech HandsBFH Maximus' SuperMech LegsBFH Maximus' SuperMech FeetBFH Maximus' SuperMech BodyBFH Maximus' Mech Prime HeadBFH Swaggin' CapBFH Mr. Sweet's Shutter ShadesBFH Canaletto's NunchuksBFH Canaletto's Eye ProtectionBFH Canaletto's SwordsBFH Shade Hunter's Fancy CoatBFH Shade Hunter's Washed CoatBFH Blue Camo BandanaBFH Checkered BandanaBFH Grey Camo MaskBFH Blue Facemask
Weapons BFH Rufin's Ruffian
National Army
Cosmetics BFH Swaggering DrakeBFH Ken's Red GiBFH Dancing DragonsBFH Dangerous DragonBFH Striking CobraBFH Lion's Knight Bladed HelmetBFH Lion's Knight Plated PauldronsBFH Lion's Knight Heavy PlateBFH Upper Cruster's Top HatBFH Upper Cruster's CigaretteBFH Imperator's Embellished JacketBFH Godor the DragonBFH Kim the King CobraBFH National Japan War PaintBFH Ace's Nationalistic HeadbandBFH Günter the GnomeBFH Alpine UshankaBFH Jurgen's Jolly JumperBFH Life Buoy PenguinBFH Sigmund's Festive ShortsBFH Franz's Flip FlopsBFH Earnest's EarcapsBFH National Adaptive MaskBFH Panda's ObscureBFH Per's Perilous BalaclavaBFH Robber's Gingerbread MaskBFH Covert CheetahBFH Spy's BalaclavaBFH Primus' Uberdroid HeadBFH Primus' Uberdroid HandsBFH Primus' Uberdroid LegsBFH Primus' Uberdroid FeetBFH Primus' Uberdroid BodyBFH Primus' Supreme HeadBFH Funky HeadphonesBFH Mr. Fresh's CapBFH Caravaggio's Eye ProtectionBFH Caravaggio's NunchuksBFH Caravaggio's Double SwordsBFH Menacing Skull TattooBFH Striped MohawkBFH Dark MohawkBFH Stabilized Snowshoes
Weapons BFH Goddard's Goon


Treasure Chest Keys can be obtained through promotions or other events.

Amount of Keys How to Obtain
1 key Awarded to all players when the official Battlefield Heroes Facebook page reached 300,000 likes.[2]



  • The Treasure Chest system was in development for years and was inspired by an unnamed game's similar system, as told by the developer HATE on the forums.[3]
  • Since its release, the Treasure Chest and the keys has been subject to a number of bugs overcharging players, resulting in refunds.
  • Two early bugs resulted in the keys costing 999P4F Funds BFH, and obtaining the Drayseen the Dragon or Godor the Dragon cosmetics would charge an extra 899P4F Funds BFH when being obtained. Another bug resulted in players who obtained the Goddard's Goon and Rufin's Ruffian from the chests being charged 999P4F Funds BFH.

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