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"Use the melee skills of the new Elite Class: the Trench Raider. With the brutal Raider Club and impressive grenade arsenal, you will be a terrifying sight."


The Trench Raider is an Elite Kit featured in Battlefield 1, introduced in the Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass expansion.[1] The Trench Raider's Raider Club can instantly kill an enemy within striking distance without a long killing animation, allowing for fast and brutal gameplay with this Elite Class. Coupled with a faster movement speed and higher durability than most, the Trench Raider also carries a Medical Crate for healing, smoke grenades, as well as a No. 3 Revolver and three frag grenades as backup weapons.

The Trench Raider is equipped with body armor that provides around 83% damage protection against firearms and front melee weapon hits. The level of protection is that of the Sentry, as with all other elite classes except the Tank Hunter . The Trench Raider is still vulnerable to fire, explosives, bayonet charge and melee takedowns, but can use his gas mask unlike the Sentry.

The Raider Club is able to kill in one hit without a takedown animation. This makes it possible to have the No. 3 Revolver in hand and still chain melee kills together, making the Trench Raider more flexible in long distance engagements.

The Trench Raider also has a permanent speed boost, an ability that makes him around 10% faster than regular infantry soldiers. This allows him to easily catch up with retreating enemies or evacuate quickly when a situation is beyond his power.

The Trench Raider makes a very distinct grunting noise whenever he attacks, even when firing the revolver.

One disadvantage to the trench club, is that you cannot use it against the sentry, and it does little to no damage.



Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Drei Vier Grenadier Drei Vier Grenadier Kill 4 enemies with the Trench Raider Elite Class 50G Bronze Trophy