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Not to be confused with Battlefield: Bad Company Achievements and Trophies
For the similar awards, see Pins

Trophies are awards featured in Battlefield: Bad Company though the completion of specific tasks. Obtaining a certain amount of them in conjunction with completing other objectives will award players Patches.

Trophy List[]

Image Name Requirements
Assault Rifle Efficiency Assault Rifle Efficiency 6 kills with Assault Rifle.
Grenadier Efficiency Grenadier Efficiency 3 kills with Grenade while playing Assault.
Grenade Launcher Efficiency Grenade Launcher Efficiency 6 kills with Grenade Launcher.
Carbine Efficiency M16 Efficiency 6 kills with M16A2.
Marksman Trophy Marksman 5 kills with Sniper Rifle.
Firearm Efficiency Firearm Efficiency 3 kills with Handgun
Laser Designating Efficiency Laser Designating Efficiency 3 kills from Laser Designating.
SVU Efficiency SVU Efficiency 5 kills with the SVU.
Rocket Launcher Efficiency Rocket Launcher Efficiency 3 kills with the Rocket Launcher.
Shotgun Efficiency Shotgun Efficiency 5 kills with the Shotgun.
Frag Out Efficiency Frag Out Efficiency 3 kills with Grenade while playing Demolition.
Mine Placement Efficiency Mine Placement Efficiency 3 kills with AT Mine.
LMG Efficiency Light Machinegun Efficiency 6 kills with Light Machinegun.
Medic Trophy Medic 30 Heal Points from Medkit.
Combat Engineer Trophy Combat Engineer 30 Vehicle Repair Points.
Mortar Strike Efficiency Mortar Strike Efficiency 3 kills with Mortar Strike.
Compact Assault Rifle Efficiency Compact Assault Rifle Efficiency 6 kills with Compact Assault Rifle*.
Target Tagging Efficiency Target Tagging Efficiency 2 Kill Assists from Dartgun* tagging.
Demo Pack Efficiency Demo Pack Efficiency 3 kills with C4.
UMP Trophy UMP 6 kills with UMP*.
Explosive Efficiency Explosive Efficiency 10 kills with Explosives.
Melee Combat Trophy Melee Combat 5 Melee Kills.
Combat Efficiency Combat Efficiency 6 Kill Streak.
Kill Assist Trophy Kill Assist 5 Kill Assists.
Savior Trophy Savior 30 Savior Points.
Avenger Trophy Avenger 30 Avenger Points.
High Card Trophy High Card Get the best IAR* score.
Wheels Of Hazard Trophy Wheels of Hazard 2 Road Kills.
Transport Vehicle Trophy Transport Vehicle 5 kills with a Transport Vehicle.
Tank Warfare Trophy Tank Warfare 5 kills with Tanks.
Naval Surface Warfare Trophy Naval Surface Warfare 5 kills with a Sea Vehicle.
Combat Aviator Trophy Combat Aviator 5 kills with an Air Vehicle.
Clear Skies Trophy Clear Skies 5 kills with Air Defense.
Emplacement Trophy Emplacement 5 kills with a Stationary Weapon.
Winning Team Trophy Winning Team Winning the Round.
Big Guns Trophy Big Guns 5 kills with Artillery.
Objective Destroyer Trophy Objective Destroyer Destroy 3 Objectives*.
Objective Attack Trophy Objective Attack Destroy the last Objective.
Objective Defender Trophy Objective Defender 18 Defend Bonus Points.
Squad Member Trophy Squad Member Assist or Save 5 Squad Members.
Squad Medication Trophy Squad Medication 80 Squad Member Heal Points.
Best Squad Trophy Best Squad Best Squad of the round.