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"The Red Army and the White Army battle among barricaded streets as the old and new regimes fight for the soul of Russia. This up-close and personal infantry fight is as brutal as they come."

DLC Overview -

Tsaritsyn (Russian: Царицын) is a map featured in the Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion.[1]

Tsaritsyn was the site of the Sary Su fortress, around which a port city was developed beside the Tsaritsa and Volga Rivers. During the Russian Civil War, the Battle of Tsaritsyn was fought between the Red and White Armies. In the interwar years, it was renamed Stalingrad - known infamously today as the location of a massive battle against the German Army during World War II. In the present day, it is known as Volgograd.


Tsaritsyn is a small-scale map enclosed within a dense city block. A cathedral set upon a low hill serves as the center of the fighting, surrounded by demolished buildings and lines of barbed wire. Buildings along the perimeter provide flanking routes and an Elite kit, but also have fragile façades that can litter players with debris.

The White Army controls the riverside train station and port, while the Red Army approaches from further inland.


In place of a Behemoth, a pair of Sentry kits and a Flame Trooper kit spawn at deployment.

Control Points[]


Control Point Conquest Domination Operations Rush
Red Army Deployment BF1 Red Army Icon BF1 Sentry IconBF1 Sentry Icon
Buried Courtyard A
Cathedral of Light B BF1 Flame Trooper Icon B 3A 3A
Merchant Ruins C 4B 4B
White Army Deployment BF1 Russian Empire Icon BF1 Sentry IconBF1 Sentry Icon 5A
Barricade 1A 1A
Shop Corner 1B 1B
Apartment Ruins 2A 2A
Park View 2B 2B
Petrov Alley 4A 4A
Gazovoya St. A
Savrasova St. C


Conquest is fought over three flags.

Each side has access to two Cavalry and a Mark V Landship. No other heavy armor can be selected.


BF1 Red Army Icon Red Army
Light vehicle(s)

2 Horses


1 Mark V Landship

BF1 Russian Empire Icon White Army
Light vehicle(s)

2 Horses


1 Mark V Landship


Red Army Deployment[]

The Red Army deploys from the residential area in the northeast of the map, in an area around the Operations objectives of Barricades and Shop Corner. Two roads leading south take them to either ends of the Buried Courtyard.

White Army Deployment[]

The White Army start within the riverside housing area that runs parallel to the docks, on the map's south-western edge. The nearest objective of Merchant Ruins is located uphill to the northeast.


Buried Courtyard[]

A courtyard surrounded by destroyed residential buildings. Two parallel roads at either end of the capture zone are the main routes into and out of this relatively enclosed area, with a third foot tunnel through the middle of the buildings. On the north side the structures are barely standing, with windows in the remaining walls providing firing positions in otherwise devastated ground. The southern block is in generally better shape, the apartments having their upper floors still in place, accessible via corridors. In the low ground between the two blocks, a few smouldering armored vehicle wrecks form the majority of cover in the otherwise open yard, carpeted with debris.

Cathedral of Light[]

The Cathedral of Light, still standing prominently in the map center, has like the rest of the city been partially gutted by artillery. The domed roof is fractured and burning, with a slice carved out of the building's west wing, opening up another entrance aside from the three originally constructed, found on the north, south, and east sides. Inside, the main hall is a ruin with timber, masonry, and even a destroyed armored car lining the capture zone. The cathedral has an upper gallery made accessible by piles of rubble. However, players must capture the flag from the lower central floor that offers very little cover.

Along with four main entrances, some of the windows allow passage in or out. Some windows with sturdy mountings with objects beneath them allow gunfire and possibly thrown gadgets through them, though they block passage.

A trench network outside is dug along the edges of the hillock the building sits on, allowing infantry to approach with cover from any direction as it surrounds the church almost completely. A Flame Trooper kit appears along the western (top) edge of the map, and the Villar-Perosa Sentry along the east (bottom).

Merchant Ruins[]

A block of destroyed warehouses, with many tall walls remaining free-standing. The capture zone only concerns the easternmost building, located at the intersection of Gazovoya St. The position is overlooked by a block of apartments to the north, the elevated position of which can be used to defend the main road and the adjacent flag.


Tsaritsyn is the second map in the "Red Tide" Operation, along with Volga River. Unlike the previous map which provides cavalry and Landships for both sides, this map is infantry-only under Operations mode, nor are there any stationary weapons throughout the entire map.

Sector 1[]

The Red Army attackers spawn at the in the north-east corner of the map, and will have to use a field of building ruins as cover to advance and attack two separate flags. The White Army spawn behind a row of buildings several blocks to the south, in line with the second sector objectives. When the assault commences, the attackers have the edge in terms of distance and are likely to reach the objectives first, but will have mere seconds to dig in before the defending forces arrive in the capture zone. The two objectives are parallel to one another, at either end of the same row of buildings detailed earlier.

Flag A, known as Barricade, is on the east side, and is situated mainly inside a room on the second floor of a damaged building, with the capture zone extending onto the street nearby.

Flag B, Shop Corner, is found on the west end of the same horizontally-running street. The capture area covers a relatively narrow space around a now gutted building, with only rafters spanning the upper storey and the western wall missing in its entirety. The capture zone also stretches a short distance outside the building's northern wall, allowing the attackers to contest the flag without venturing into the "room" itself.

This initial phase can be difficult for the attackers to overcome thanks to some strong defensive positions available to the defenders, which include easier access to the upper floors of buildings in both objectives, as well as elevated positions in the apartment buildings to the west of Shop Corner. This is compounded by relatively poor cover for the advance, and small capture zones that funnel the attackers into chokepoints such as doorways and open streets. However, the short distance between the objectives and the attackers spawn can allow the team to quickly overwhelm the defenders with a rapid advance. If this cannot be achieved, clearing the buildings may devolve into a costly attritional battle at close range.

Sector 2[]

If the attackers succeed in breaking through the first sector, the second sector offers a similar combat environment consisting of ruins and debris, with spawns and objectives located relatively close to one another. The playing field is more even as the attackers gain more substantial cover on their approach, with the defenders losing much of their height advantage.

As before, the two objectives are in parallel, flag A being found on the east side. Apartment Ruins is a relatively open area encircled on three sides with walls, with only a partially standing wall between the flag and the attackers.

Flag B is Park View, on the west side, is located adjacent to a row of playable accessible townhouses, although the capture zone covers only the debris-strewn street. While this destruction provides some cover, attackers will still be vulnerable from fire from the apartment's upper floors and the high ground down the street to the south, where the defenders spawn from.

Of the two objectives, Park View is often perceived to be the tougher objective. Attackers can possibly overcome this flag by holding the second-storey apartment that overlooks the street-level capture point, drawing attention away from those in cap. Apartment Ruins can be difficult to approach due to the ruined buildings generating predictable assault routes for defenders to exploit, the enclosed nature of the capture zone can help keep it secure once taken. Defenders may struggle to retake either objective when lost, as they are left few options of advance but the open streets connected to each objective. A tunnel through the buildings midway between each objective can either offer such an alternative route, or a costly chokepoint if the Red Army blocks the other end.

Sector 3[]

Once the attacking team pushes the defenders out of the residential area, the White Army retreats to the Cathedral of Light, partially ruined in the interior and ringed by a simple trench network on the exterior.

In this sector, there is only one flag, the capture zone of which covers a relatively small space inside the ground floor lobby of the church interior, including the three passageways that make up the main entrance. Additionally, the point extends to include the north-east and south-east corners of the exterior walls between the main and side entrances.

The approach to the flag can be troublesome for attackers as they must cross Savrasova Street before attacking uphill through the trenches. If defenders can garrison these trenches before the Red Army gains a foothold, they can exact high ticket bleed against troops crossing the exposed ground, trapping the assaulters behind their spawns around Buried Courtyard. After this, the sector is significantly more open than the previous two, allowing for wide flanking routes around the extreme perimeters of the square. Attackers may use this freedom to assault from unexpected areas, including infiltrating the Cathedral interior from the ruined western wing. Despite this, the relatively limited positions for capturing the flag can turn this sector into a close-range slugging match, with both teams constantly trying to gain the numerical advantage to achieve traction. Furthermore, the indestructible walls and limited number of entry points into the Cathedral provide problems for each team to even attack each other.

Overall, the attackers must force their way inside the Cathedral, achieve a superiority in numbers and restrict the defenders from reentering. The defenders must aggressively patrol both the inside and outside, keeping the attackers out of the building at any cost.

Sector 4[]

The fourth and the last sector includes two flags, Petrov Alley and Merchant Ruins.

Petrov Alley is closest to the newly captured Cathedral, located to the south-west across Gazovoya St., and is usually attacked first by the Red Army. A network of corridors, rooms and hallways through the ruined buildings that constitute the area surrounding the capture zone are the main routes of egress.

The first objective is separated from the second, Merchant Ruins, by a narrow street running north to south. The flag is characterised by high stonewalls and devastated pillars, the skeletal remains of what may have previously been a warehouse or indoor marketplace. The capture zone generally consists of what would have been the interior, although it extends outside the destroyed walls in places, such as the north-east and north-western corners.

The final flag puts the defenders much closer to the objectives when spawning than the attackers, who again must cross an exposed street to reach either flag. Nevertheless, the relative isolation of each flag relative to one another can make counterattacking difficult once one flag has fallen to the attackers. The attackers must themselves take care, as chokepoints around Petrov Alley, and lack of cover on route to Merchant Ruins can result in significant ticket bleed if defended heavily.

Should the Red Army succeed in pushing the Whites from this last redoubt, they can declare victory, with the city named in honour of the Tsar as their prize.


Rush follows a similar progression as Operations, with the Red Army pushing south-west out of the Residential Area past the Cathedral, and eventually to an additional final sector along the banks of the Volga, downhill from the Merchant District. The White Army must bar their approach by protecting the telegraphs.

No vehicles are available at any point during this game mode.

Sector 1[]

Sector 1 takes place in the same general area as the first sector of Operations, with the parallel aligned objectives located between the north-spawning Red Army and the south-spawning White Army. Objective A is found in the corner of a shelled building at the junction, about the Barricade flag, white Objective B is found inside the ruined "room" of Shop Corner.

Attackers have access to the Flame Trooper in this phase.

Sector 2[]

Sector 2 is again very similar to Operations. Objective B is outside the northern entrance to the ruined apartments adjacent to Park View, and Objective A is in a similar position relative to the building immediately west of the devastated courtyard of Apartment Ruins.

Attackers are given a Sentry kit to aid in the assault.

Sector 3[]

The next pair of objectives are within the Cathedral square in the map center. Objective A is inside the Cathedral itself, and is positioned in the south-east corner of ground floor, near the main entrance. Objective B is located outside in the trench network, specifically within a dugout with artillery guns in the north-west corner of the square.

Once again, a Sentry kit is allocated to the Bolshevik team.

Sector 4[]

The next set of telegraphs is on the southern side of Gazovoya St. Objective A is at the south-western end of Petrov Alley, sheltered beside a wall of a shattered building. Objective B is amidst similar surroundings further west, east of the Merchant Ruins.

Sector 5[]

The final objectives fall within a rarely encountered area of the map - a small cluster of wooden detached houses arranged neatly alongside the train line and dockyards parallel to the Volga River. Of the six houses in the play area, objective B is situated just outside the northern-most house, while objective A is three doors down to the south.

Supply Drop[]

Supply Drop concentrates the battle to the hilltop square around the Cathedral of Light in the map center, with access to the spawning areas in the adjacent side streets leading to Buried Courtyard and Merchant District cut off to the opposing team. Each team has only a single spawn, with the Red Army deploying from the north-eastern side of the square, while the White Army starts in the south-western corner.

No teams have any vehicles, and squad spawning is disabled on this particular map.


Domination takes place in a similar area to Supply Drop, with the outlying locations of Buried Courtyard and Merchant District now inaccessible to everyone.

Gazovoya St.[]

South-west corner of the Cathedral square, at the junction to the Merchant District. The objective is a row of shallow trenches and barricades draped with Bolshevik banners.

Cathedral of Light[]

Central ground floor of the Cathedral of Light. The capture zone extends to the front and back walls, but does not include the side corridors, alcoves or the upper floor.

Savrasova St.[]

North-east corner of the square, the objective consists of a half-buried stone foundation amidst a cluster of destroyed Putilov-Garfords and Mark V Tanks.

Team Deathmatch[]

Team Deathmatch uses the same map boundaries as Domination, containing the battle within the ravaged park and Cathedral ruins.

War Pigeons[]

War Pigeons takes place in an uncommonly seen area of the map; the streets north of the Cathedral square. The map boundaries start around the Buried Courtyard of the south, and extend past the Red Army's Conquest spawn point to the back wall of townhouses along the northern edge of the map.




Julian Manolov Shop
  • There are plenty of black and gold signs in this map that have the message "Лавка Юліанъ Маноловъ" which means "Shop Julian Manolov".
    • Julian Manolov, also known as _jjju_, is a DICE LA Engineer known for easter egg development such as the Phantom Program.
Tsaritsyn Skull