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The 13.2mm Tank und Flieger (TuF) (Tank and aircraft) cartridge was created by Germany during World War I in response to armored threats such as the British Mark V tank.[1] Originally designed to be used with the Tankgewehr M1918 rifle, it provided a means of fighting tanks that was safer to use than anti-tank mines, and less cumbersome than field guns. In response, armor on Allied vehicles was thickened, but could still be defeated by repeated hits with TuF rounds. The MG 08 machine gun was modified to fire 13.2mm ammunition, and re-dubbed the MG 18 TuF.[2]

Battlefield 1Edit

The TuF HMG is a primary weapon option for Fighter and Attack Planes, carrying packages optimized for heavy anti-aircraft roles (both featuring Explosive Rockets as their secondary weapon). Fighters carry two, while Attack Planes use one.

The weapon fires heavier rounds than standard airplane HMGs, with a slightly lower rate of fire. Although damage output is slightly higher with the TuF HMG, its lower velocity is a major hindrance.


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