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"Originally used in law enforcement and adopted by military forces as a personal defense weapon the high-tech Turcotte Rapid SMG (Sub Machine Gun) combines the muzzle velocity of a standard assault rifle, the automatic capability of a machine gun and the portability of a pistol. Loaded with small-caliber, armor-piercing rounds, the Turcotte Rapid lacks accuracy, and stopping power at long range, but its high Rate of Fire makes it an effective close-combat weapon."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The Turcotte Rapid SMG is a submachine gun featured in Battlefield 2142 used by the European Union Army and issued to the Engineer Kit.

It has a high rate of fire, manageable recoil, and high damage in close quarters, where it is best used. It becomes almost obsolete at a medium-long range, as the general inaccuracy of the weapon will cause many of the shots to miss, and those that do hit will cause very little damage (which often results in the hit enemy quickly spotting and killing the shooter).

Like its counterpart, the Malkov RK-11 SMG, it is best used in close quarters. When used against most of the other firearms in the game, the Turcotte will usually lose out. However, at close range, it can be much more effective, particularly when hip firing.

The Turcotte is often used by Engineers as a precautionary weapon whilst they get into a position where they can engage and destroy enemy vehicles, as well as set up any mines and similar equipment. Just like with the Malkov RK-11, it is the only firearm available to the EU Engineer.