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The Turner SMLE was a prototype semi-automatic conversion of the bolt-action Short-Magazine Lee-Enfield. Designed by American gunsmith Russel Turner, it was intended for use by Canada. A single unit was manufactured in 1941 for testing as a potentially cheaper alternative to the M1 Garand, which it was trialled against. Although Turner's conversion performed comparatively well it was rejected for formal adoption by the Canadian Army due to its high mechanical complexity. The Turner uses a side-tilting bolt system similar to the ZH-29.

Battlefield V[]

"The Turner SMLE had many qualities, but simplicity was not one of them. It did well in extremely cold conditions and the Canadian Army tested it, but they didn't adopt it."

— In-game description

The Turner SMLE is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It first appeared in the Closed Beta available for play at Gamescom.


The player character Deme Cisse obtains the Turner SMLE from Idrissa in the finale of the singleplayer war story Tirailleur. The weapon can also be seen used by British Medics during Basic Training.


The Turner shares many similarities with the MAS 44, with an identical damage model, fire rate, magazine size and reserve ammunition capacity, when unmodified. The weapon has some of the most severe damage drop-off out of the stripper-clip fed rifles, being a three shot kill out to 50m and a four shot right out to 100m, thereafter becoming a five hit kill. Its performance at range is further hampered by a relatively low muzzle velocity. To make up for its deficiencies, it has a higher-than-average rate of fire and moderate recoil properties, but is held back in most engagements by a similarly moderate magazine capacity and lengthy reload time when using stripper clips.

The specialization tree offers a mixture of upgrades to the weapon's handling capabilities, with each side providing statistical buffs when stationary and moving. Probably its most compelling choice is at rank 3, where players can remediate the Turner's reload times with either a Magazine Extension to 20 rounds or quick-change Detachable Magazines. In addition the Recoil Buffer upgrade reduces vertical recoil from 1.32 to 1.056.