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"A flooded French marshland that is overlooked by the largest structure ever created for a Battlefield game – a monumental, partly destroyed steel bridge. This is Twisted Steel."

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Twisted Steel is a map set to be featured in Battlefield V. It was first seen in the reveal trailer of the game.

The map takes place along the Escaut river in the northern French countryside during the German invasion in May 1940.[1] Their advance north towards the channel threatened to encircle the Allies' eastern extent into Belgium - in response, a number of defensive lines were hastily established along the Scheldt, Scarpe and Meuse rivers.


A notable feature of the map is a massive, partially collapsed bridge that spans the river and much of the floodplains below. The bridge has been stated by developers to be the largest structure ever modeled in a Battlefield game.[2]

Flag LayoutEdit


Battlefield V Twisted Steel Conquest Layout 1920x1080

Conquest is fought between seven flags, only one of which is one the west bank of the river, and with two along the large metal bridge that crosses the map's horizontal center.


Each team deploys with four tanks, three aircraft and two light vehicles. Sides can procure an additional tank and two gun carriers concurrently using the Squad Reinforcement system.[3]


Both teams have only a single deployment point. The Germans headquarters is inland from the river's west bank and north of the main road, while the British spawn from the main road at the east end of the bridge.


A: SiloEdit

The flag closest to the German deployment, and the singular flag on the river's west bank, consists of a farmhouse complex complete with grain silo. Several larger buildings form the outer perimeter of a circular clearing where the flagpole is emplaced, nearer to which are a pair of smaller brick sheds.

The flag has an unspecified pre-built stationary weapon in its vicinity.

B: BridgeEdit

The Bridge flag is suspended above the center of the river on the raised deck of the bridge structure itself, close to the western end. The capture point, and much of the entire length of the platform, is littered with flaming metallic debris - burning tank and aircraft wrecks, collapsed support pillars and overturned supply trucks either condense lines of sight into narrow lanes, or completely obfuscate players from fire along the bridge's length.

C: Flooded FarmEdit

This small agricultural homestead is on the map's lowest point of elevation, situated at the edge of the marshes within the south-west sector. It is linked to the parallel point of silo by a small stone bridge, and their capture zones are of a similar makeup - a series of mixed size structures set around a clearing, however the encroaching river overflow has turned this central yard into a morass. The flag is located at the corner of a large barn, which can provide overwatch positions against players approaching along the west bridge road or from the Village flag directly north-west - another roadbridge joins the two objectives.

A field gun can be constructed to watch the stone bridge road.

D: SwampEdit

Much of the map's center north of the Farm has been transformed into swamp by the river's flooding, turning a once heavily forested area into a series of tiny islands partitioned by open, clear stretches of water. The flag is set upon one of these islands, adorned with a thicket of trees and surrounded by shallows, however the large capture zone allows the point to be influenced from adjacent areas. Infantry can struggle in this terrain, left vulnerable to players firing down from the bridge as they wade slowly through the marshland. The terrain is therefore better suited to tanks.

E: SabotageEdit

The second bridge-based flag, found in the direct center of the map. The point is located at a collapsed section of the bridge, with the flag itself planted in the earth, and the two separated pieces of decking forming massive ramps up to the remaining elevated span on each side - the flag can be capture from underneath these slanted partitions. In the middle of the capture zone is the remains of a destroyed convoy, with the cluster of vehicle wrecks forming the majority of cover. The flag can be hard to hold due to limited opportunities for fortification, and its vulnerability from lying on low ground.

F: VillageEdit

A small village composed of around a dozen houses and smaller structures is found in the south-east sector of the map. The buildings are organized along short, cramped stretches of streets, with fenced and walled-off gardens to their rears. As the most substantial built-up area on the map, it is well-suited to infantry combat, with the upper storeys of the structures providing ample opportunities for ambushing players in the adjacent tight streets of the interior, and open dirt roads of the approaches. The partitions formed by the building alleyways and dividing walls can cut up lines of sight within the capture radius - fortifications can be built to create further chokepoints.

A field gun is positioned somewhere in town.

G: OverlookEdit

Overlook is found closest to the British deployment along the map's north-east edge. Akin to the Village, the flag consists of a small residential settlement with allotted gardens, at the end of a dirt road, although the edges of the position have been fortified with trench lines, particularly west of the road, which covers the open fields comprising the western approach - the point is named so as the settlement and its earthworks "overlooks" the Swamp found directly west from relative high ground. As a result it can provide solid fighting positions against the exposed adjacent area.

Grand OperationsEdit

Twisted Steel is the first map in the Battle for France Grand Operation, fought over on the first two days, before the battle moves to Arras. In this Operation, German paratroopers are dropped on top of British fortifications along the Escaut to pave the way for the approaching mechanized spearhead.


The first day begin with Airborne gamemode which German paratroopers attacking the British positions.


The second day uses the Breakthrough gamemode. Squad Reinforcement vehicles become active, with a maximum of one tank and two gun carrier halftracks usable at the same time.

Sector 1Edit

German attackers are provided two transport vehicles at each stage, although their tank and air support varies at each line of advance. Initially, two tanks and two aircraft can be deployed.

Sector 2Edit

The Panzer arm's strength dwindles to a single tank at this point.

Sector 3Edit

Attacking armored forces are boosted to three fighting vehicles, while all aircraft withdraw for the remaining two sectors.

Sector 4Edit

German infantry are left to capture this final defensive line alone, as they are left with no tanks to assist.


In terms of equipment, each side is allocated a lone tank, with no provision for Squad Reinforcement vehicles of any kind.