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"A flooded French marshland that is overlooked by the largest structure ever created for a Battlefield game – a monumental, partly destroyed steel bridge. This is Twisted Steel."

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Twisted Steel is a map featured in Battlefield V. It is the second largest map in the base game following Hamada. It was first seen in the reveal trailer of the game.

The map takes place along the Escaut river in the northern French countryside. During the German invasion in May 1940,[2] their advance north towards the channel threatened to encircle the Allies' eastern extent into Belgium. On May 15th, in the aftermath of irreparable breach of the Meuse river at Sedan, the whole of the Allied northern front was ordered to be withdrawn to a 50km wide area along the river Escaut - considered to be the last natural line of defense in northern France. By May 19th, the majority of the BEF and French 1st Army were engaged along its banks. In mid 1944, the area became a battleground again following the Allied breakout from Normandy and the collapse of the Falaise Pocket.[3]


Twisted Steel 01

Twisted Steel takes place around a major bridgehead over the Escaut river in northwest France, which the Germans attack to secure access to the east bank. The main body of the map is comprised of the floodplains of the river valley floor. Either through intentional sabotage of dykes or by way of the constant torrent of rain that endures throughout the battle, the Escaut has burst its banks turning the surrounding forest into a knee-deep swamp. Trees and hedgerows protrude out of the waters while former hillocks and ridges jut out from the surface as if they were small islands. In addition, several farmhouses and hamlets themselves risk being swallowed by the green waters. More hospitable terrain is only found on the raised ground at the sides of the valley, where a number of military fortifications have been erected. In the distance, shells burst around the Escaut itself and the marshes around the playable area of the map.

A notable feature of the map is a massive, partially collapsed bridge that spans the river and much of the floodplains below. The ruined bridge, which is the namesake of the map, partitions the map into north and south areas, in addition to providing a direct path between opposite river banks. It has been stated by developers to be the largest structure ever modelled in a Battlefield game.[4] The Bridge, in addition to the road through it and the two river tributaries (the largest, River, is on the map's west side while the smaller Creek is to the east) carve up the map into four navigable sectors.

Flag Layout[]


Control Point Conquest Airborne Breakthrough Frontlines Domination Rush Grind
German Deployment Flag Germany 1933
Pasture A, B 1A Flag Germany 1933
Silo A C 1B A 4A, 4B
Bridge B D 2A B
West Bridge A
East Bridge C
Flooded Farm C 2B B A 3B
The Lost Tiger B
Swamp D 3A
Sabotage E
Creek 3D C 3A
Crossroads D
Village F 4C E C 2A, 2B
Overlook G 4A U.S. flag, 48 stars 1A
Roadblock 4B 1B
US Deployment U.S. flag, 48 stars


Battlefield V Twisted Steel Conquest Layout 1920x1080

Conquest is fought between seven flags, only one of which is one the west bank of the river, and with two along the large metal bridge that crosses the map's horizontal center. The water-logged terrain provides a significant obstacle to both infantry and armor. Some areas, particularly around the two rivers, are only passable by swimming and although much of the submerged marshes can be waded through, this reduces mobility considerably. Players travelling the map will consequently prefer to move on solid ground, such as the southern road passing through Flooded Farm, allow a degree of anticipation of enemy movement. The Bridge itself is a highly favorable position, as it provides an overview over almost the entire map center.

Each team starts with 580 tickets. There are a total of four aircraft resupply airhooks, arranged in groups of two behind each team's deployment at the river sides. Sides can procure an additional tank and two gun carriers concurrently using the Squad Reinforcement system.[5]


Flag Germany 1933 Germany
Light vehicle(s)

2 Kubelwagen


1 Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack


4 SdKfz 234 Puma/Panzer IV/Flakpanzer IV/Tiger I/Sturmgeschütz IV

Fixed-wing aircraft

3 Bf 109 G-2/Bf 109 G-6/Stuka B-1/Stuka B-2/Ju-88 A/Ju-88 C


1 Pak 40 (Towable)

U.S. flag, 48 stars USA
Light vehicle(s)



1 M3


4 M8 Greyhound/Sherman/Valentine AA Mk I

Fixed-wing aircraft

3 P51K Fighter/P51D Fighter/P-70 Night Fighter/A-20 Bomber


Both teams have only a single deployment point, which has a Vehicle Resupply Station within.

German Deployment[]

The Germans deploy in the northwest corner of the map, in the hedged fields to the west of the artillery positions of Pasture. Dirt roads, skirting the edges of the fields take players either south to the Bridge road Ramp, southeast to the nearby Silo objective, or straight east to the river ford known as Shallows that crosses into Swamp.

US Deployment[]

The US deploy directly on the Bridge road at its east end. Minor roads branch off from this one, leading to Village and Overlook, which are about equidistant from the spawn area.


A: Silo[]

The flag closest to the German deployment, and the singular flag on the river's west bank, consists of a farmhouse complex complete with grain silo. Several larger buildings form the outer perimeter of a circular clearing where the flagpole is emplaced, nearer to which are a pair of smaller brick sheds. These buildings, which consist of large barns on the west side and a row of houses near the riverbank to the east, offer plenty of places to hide within the capture zone, as well as protecting players from fire if directly adjacent Bridge flag, which towers over the area, is occupied by the enemy. The namesake of the flag, the grain silo, is climbable via a ladder at its base. Outside of the capture zone to the south is a walled compound that sits by a narrow stone bridge over the river. The combination of the flag's position on the west riverbank at the foot of the Bridge road hill cutting through the German spawn creates a somewhat closed-off and isolated objective.

Holding the grants access to two light vehicles. An anti-tank gun can be constructed to the south of the flag next to the small compound, orientated towards the stone bridge, while a anti-aircraft gun can be built between the houses and the unusable howitzer on the east side of the zone. The Health and Ammo stations are in the middle of the clearing, nearby the flagpole itself.

B: Bridge[]

The Bridge flag is suspended above the center of the river on the raised deck of the bridge structure itself, closest to the western end of Ramp. The capture point, and much of the entire length of the platform, is littered with flaming metallic debris of all kinds, including overturned supply trucks, burning tank wrecks, explosive barrels and even a crashed Bf 109. Although the bridge is only 15m wide the visual clutter that surrounds the small capture zone largely obfuscates players from fire along the bridge's length. At opposite ends of the capture zone, sandbag barricades can be built to reinforce what is otherwise a difficult to position to defend. Health and Ammo stations are nearby, but have to be built before use.

The Bridge structure itself offers a commanding elevated position over the lower ground, but by climbing further via the curved struts players can effectively cover the bridge deck from above as well. Although the narrow, linear bridge offers few opportunities for flanking, the base pillars have ladders that can be used to access the upper deck at various points along its length.

C: Flooded Farm[]

This small agricultural homestead is on the map's lowest point of elevation, situated at the edge of the marshes within the southwest sector. It is linked to the parallel point of Silo by the stone bridge, and their capture zones are of a similar makeup - a series of mixed size structures set around a clearing, with a row of houses on the west side and two larger barns about the center. However, the encroaching river overflow has turned the central yard between these structures into a morass, with the river having burst its banks near the aforementioned houses. The flag itself is located at the corner of the southernmost barn, although the large capture zone extends over the entire compound and all building therein, with two sides of it marked by a tall wooden perimeter wall. These structures can provide overwatch positions against players approaching along the west bridge road or from the Village flag directly north-west - another road bridge over the narrower Creek tributary joins the two objectives further to the east.

The flag spawns two light vehicles. Two field guns, pointed in opposite directions, can be constructed to watch the stone bridge road, while a anti-aircraft gun can be built in the middle of the compound. The build points for Ammo and Health are found by the southern barn and northern bungalow, respectively.

D: Swamp[]

Much of the map's center north of the Bridge has been transformed into swamp by the river's flooding, turning a once heavily forested area into a series of tiny islands partitioned by open, clear stretches of water. The flag is set upon one of these islands, adorned with a thicket of trees and surrounded by shallows. However, the flag has by far the largest capture area, thus allowing the point to be influenced a variety of areas. Infantry can struggle in this terrain, left vulnerable to players firing down from the Bridge as they wade slowly through the marshland. Although cover is plentiful on the islands there is some distance between them, and the trees can be brought down by shellfire or ramming. The terrain is therefore better suited to tanks, especially since the map's only neutral vehicle supply points are found in this area - one is located behind a small building on the west Riverbank near the Shallows, while the other is by a small cottage downhill from Overlook by the edge of the Creek.

In spite of this, the flag holds the highest concentration of anti-tank guns anywhere on the map. A total of four can be constructed, with each facing inward towards the center of the Swamp from the northeast and northwest, although the wooden platforms preventing the guns from sinking in the Swamp must be constructed first. A Health station can be built between a pair of AT guns on the west side of the capture zone, while a similar Ammo station is found on a small island south of the flag itself.

E: Sabotage[]

The second bridge-based flag, found in the direct center of the map. The point is located at a collapsed section of the bridge, with the flag itself planted in the earth, and the two separated pieces of decking forming massive ramps up to the remaining elevated span on each side - the flag can be capture from underneath these slanted partitions. In the middle of the capture zone is the remains of a destroyed convoy, with the cluster of vehicle wrecks forming the majority of cover. The flag can be hard to hold due to limited opportunities for fortification, its vulnerability from lying on low ground, and its relative ease of access compared to objective B.

F: Village[]

A small village composed of around a dozen houses and smaller structures is found in the southeast sector of the map. The buildings are organized along short, cramped stretches of streets, with fenced and walled-off gardens to their rears. As the most substantial built-up area on the map, it is well-suited to infantry combat, with the upper storeys of the structures providing ample opportunities for ambushing players in the adjacent tight streets of the interior, and open dirt roads of the approaches. The partitions formed by the building alleyways and dividing walls, as well as the tiered allotment on the north side, can cut up lines of sight within the capture radius - fortifications can be built on the roads to create further chokepoints.

A field gun can be built next to the flagpole and allotment, orientated towards the Creek bridge, while deconstructed Health and Ammo stations are located close at hand. The flag can spawn one light vehicle.

G: Overlook[]

Overlook is found closest to the US Deployment along the map's north-east edge. Akin to the Silo objective, the flag consists of a farming residence with an adjacent barn and a large perimeter wall surrounding the garden. The edges of the position have been fortified with trench lines, particularly to the south and west, which covers the open fields and marshlands comprising the western approach - the point is named so as the settlement and its earthworks "overlooks" the Swamp found directly west from relative high ground. As a result, it can provide solid fighting positions against the exposed adjacent area.

The flag supports a single light vehicle. A field gun can be built under within a netted gun position within the nearby trenches, for defense against the west, alongside an anti-aircraft gun. Prebuilt resupply caches are found outside the compound's perimeter walls.

Grand Operations[]

Twisted Steel is the first map in the Battle for France Grand Operation, fought over on the first two days, before the battle moves to Arras. In this Operation, German paratroopers are dropped on top of British fortifications along the Escaut to pave the way for the approaching mechanized spearhead.


The first day begin with Airborne gamemode which German paratroopers attacking the British artillery positions on the western riverbank.


The German airborne assault is launched from the west. Because the objective positions and German drop point are close to the map edge, the transport aircraft can approach much closer than usual before they leave the spawn protection and become vulnerable to AA fire. In the initial drop the attacking paratroopers are deposited in the open fields on the edge of Pasture - West. There is only the raised camber of a roadway and a sparse hedgerow preventing players from landing in direct line of sight to the enemy frontline - one possible bomb pickup point is on the road itself. An alternative drop point is the cratered fields around Silo - West on the opposite side of the Bridge Ramp, with the bomb spawning in a drainage ditch parallel with the first road.

The British team's sector spawn is in the fields northwest of Pasture. This location is far from the front at Pasture - West, but allows teams to travel between objectives within the Pasture itself and Silo by crossing underneath the Bridge. The team has a total of three AA guns for defense. Otherwise, they like the Germans have no ground vehicles for support.


The four target artillery pieces are very spread out from one another and divided by barriers such as the raised roadway separating Pasture from Pasture - West, the Bridge Ramp cutting between Pasture and Silo, and the Bridge itself.


Objective A is one of the more difficult positions to defend due to the terrain and its proximity to the Germans' deploy point. The artillery gun is emplaced on the east side of the Pasture - West field, adjacent to a smaller sandbag fighting position. Other than a belly-landed Bf 109 in the middle of the field, there is no cover across its 30m width, although its perimeter is surrounded by uninterrupted drainage ditches that allow flanking along its sides. In addition, the gun is isolated to the east and south by the steep hills supporting the Ramp/Bridge road, blocking the position from being easily reinforced from these directions. Attacking players may assault the gun position by travelling through the sewage pipes at the base of the hills from an adjacent field.


Objective B is located in the middle of Pasture itself, much closer to the British sector spawn. For this reason, and the lack of a dividing hill preventing rapid reinforcement, it is easier to protect from attack. Despite this the terrain is similar to Pasture - West, with ditches at the field's sides providing a less exposed route along the field's length. The objective can be covered from one of three adjacent fortifications, or from the Bridge Ramp hill that overlooks the area to the south.


Objective C is the furthest from both teams, located on the other side of the Bridge in the farming settlement of Silo. The artillery gun is positioned in the middle of the clearing, and can be effectively covered from either the houses to the west or the barns on the opposite side. Its distant position can be beneficial to attackers early on, who can rush a bomb to the position before defenders can arrive in strength. Concurrently, its position at the base of Bridge hill allows defenders of the nearby D objective to offer mutual defense.


Objective D is on top of the Bridge Ramp, the west end of the Bridge itself and roughly parallel with B. Although generally exposed in the middle of the road, the position can be heavily fortified with sandbags, while the flanks are somewhat protected by a preexisting stretch of barbed wire. Due to the sloping terrain, a frontal attack along the road is expected, which can result in a linear defense that the Germans may exploit via flanking. Its position on a hill, while initial dominant, also makes it difficult for defenders to counterattack if they are pushed off the position.


If the Germans succeed in eliminating the British artillery, they are awarded with additional respawn points on Day 2.


The second day uses the Breakthrough gamemode. Once the German paratroopers are reinforced by arriving panzer forces, a river crossing is attempted, with the British desperate to confine their enemy from bypassing the last remaining natural obstacle before the sea. Squad Reinforcement vehicles become active on this day, with a maximum of one tank and two gun carrier halftracks usable at the same time for each team.

Sector 1[]

The first sector sees the attacking team completely overrun the artillery positions targeted on the previous day, with objectives centered around Pasture on the north side of the Bridge and Silo to the south. The Pasture objective is the closest to the German deployment, which is their standard Conquest area. The capture radius encompasses much of the central field and its fighting positions therein. The Silo flag is much the same as in Conquest.

German attackers are provided with one Kubelwagen and one Sd. Kfz 251 vehicles at this and every subsequent stage, although their tank and air support varies at each line of advance. Initially, two tanks and two aircraft can be deployed. The British can only field two aircraft of their own at this time. The German tanks can be a useful asset in overrunning the British frontline, particularly as they are initially unopposed. However, with the Bridge forming a substantial barrier to teams transitioning from one point to another, it may be challenging for either side to keep both objectives held simultaneously.

Sector 2[]

Sector two begins the phased crossing to the River's east bank, with the German team inching along the Bridge itself while also fording the floodplains further south. Objective A is on the Bridge platform and is generally analagous to the Conquest objective of Bridge in placement and capture radius. The flag is generally impossible to flank due to the rear Bridge pillars being out of bounds, allowing defenders to concentrate their efforts in a single direction and forcing attackers to use brute strength alone to conquer the flag. While the firepower of tanks and aircraft could be useful with defenders clustered in such a small area, the debris on the Bridge makes in difficult for armor to navigate, while the overhead Bridge structure may detonate bombs prematurely. The other objective of Flooded Farm is far more suitable terrain for vehicles, although they may have to contend with British emplacements about the position, which include an AA gun as well as a 6 Pounder trained on one of the only suitable places on the river for fording. German infantry have many more options for crossing the river, and once they have done so may attack the flag from unexpected directions by traversing the flooded forest beneath the Bridge.

The Panzer arm's strength dwindles to a single tank at this point.

Sector 3[]

Sector three sees the frontline move ever eastward, now falling upon the Swamp area north of the Bridge collapse and the Creek to its south. The Swamp area constitutes the largest capture area, thus providing ample opportunities for infantry to influence traction, while the many islands and vehicle wrecks throughout the area allow for ambushes by armor lying in wait. Attackers can use the height advantage of the Bridge to spot enemy troop concentrations, but as in the previous sector the capture of this flag will require weight of numbers getting as close to the flagpole as possible. The Creek objective is centered on the small farmhouse further along the road east of Flooded Farm, by the stone bridge over the Creek. The capture area is small but formidably fortified, including a number of trenches dug around the cottage and shed in addition to 6 Pounder protecting the road.

Attacking armored forces are boosted to three fighting vehicles, while all aircraft withdraw for the remaining two sectors. They are met by two British tanks.

Sector 4[]

The final phases sees the German team make landfall on the eastern riverbank, and must definitively clear the area before a permanent bridgehead is established. To do this, three objectives must be held simultaneously - these are Overlook to the north, Roadblock in the center and Village to the south. Objective A, Overlook, is the high ground to the east of the Swamp. The area is easy to reach for attackers, although the hill ridge is reinforced with 6 Pounders to deter crossing over the open ground. A's capture zone is centered on these fortifications as well as the walled compound to its direct north. Objective C, Village, is across the stone bridge from Creek, within the small settlement of houses. The more open terrain around its perimeter can make approach hazardous for both sides, with fighting inside the capture zone boiling down to close-range building clearing actions. Between these objectives is B, Roadblock. Its location is past the eastern end of the Bridge structure, where two concrete pillboxes watch over the intersection from the Ramp, and the two adjacent points of interest. The objective is similar in layout to Bridge in sector 2, being a short thin rectangular capture radius concentrating on the road and not much else, although unlike the Bridge the attackers may launch an assault from three directions instead of one. The flag is directly up the road from the defender's main spawn and so may face the strongest resistance out of the three.

German infantry are left to capture this final defensive line alone, as the team has run out of tanks to assist. The British are similarly deprived of fighting vehicles at this final stage.


A German victory at this point grants them reduced vehicle spawn delay for their coming attack. Regardless, as European countries topple daily under the weight of the Axis onslaught the British position in France is becoming dangerously unstable, causing them to withdraw to Arras for a final defense.


The standalone version of Breakthrough on Twisted Steel features the same layout as in Grand Operations, but includes the USA as the Allied faction instead of the United Kingdom. The Germans remain as the attackers.

Team Deathmatch[]

Team Deathmatch takes place in the flooded north section of the map, surrounding the Conquest objective of Swamp. The east and west rivers serve as the boundaries to the sides, and although some areas of raised ground near the Bridge supports are accessible, it is not possible to go onto the Bridge itself.


Frontlines on Twisted Steel runs on a semi-circular course, starting in the middle point of the map's southern axis before curving around to base sectors on opposite ends of the northern boundary. The map's sodden terrain provides something of a challenge for both infantry and armor alike, as the progression of the battle forces teams to ford numerous waterways.

Each side has three headquarters objectives to protect instead of the standard two. In terms of equipment, each side is allocated a lone tank, with no provision for Squad Reinforcement vehicles of any kind.

German Headquarters[]

The German HQ sector is on the opposite side of the dividing ridge from Silo, in the waterlogged Pasture that is the focus of the Airborne gamemode, as well as the German spawn point in Conquest. Of the three objectives, two are located in the trench line of the eastern field (B and C) while A is isolated in the forward trenches to the west. The attackers have a compelling strategic position atop the Bridge road hill, and are able to cover most of the objective area - however, final approach to the trenches is mostly devoid of cover. The defenders spawn on the northern edge of the field in a shallow ditch, which runs the length of the Pasture allowing them to get closer to the objectives in defilade from the hill opposite.

A: Silo[]

Twisted Steel 24
Twisted Steel 20
Flooded Farm
Twisted Steel 03
Twisted Steel 46
Twisted Steel 49

The Silo objective area covers the two barns and central gun position, as well as the houses on the riverbank to the east. Generally the outer perimeter of the objective is enlarged compared to Conquest.

B: Flooded Farm[]

The Flooded Farm objective takes place within the agricultural complex across the floodplain from Creek. Like the previous objective, the flag is situated between two waterways preventing easy access for either team. The US approach takes players through a hedgerow and over a wooden fence, while the German assault is made across more open ground around another stone bridge.

C: Creek[]

The Creek is the middle objective in Frontlines, and is centered on the lone house beside the stone bridge over the aforementioned Creek on the southern floodplains. The objective area consists of a lone cottage surrounded to the west by a shed and horseshoe-shaped trench. On the east side is a stone wall divider that leads up from the Creek's west bank. The house and dividing elevation limits direct line of sight within the capture zone which can make it difficult to find engagement angles - this can be circumvented by flanking through the marshes the north of the capture area before assaulting the flag from behind. The location of the objective between two waterways can present an obstacle if one team is pushed completely from the flag, as the main route of wading through the river can leave players especially vulnerable.

D: Crossroads[]

The Crossroads flag is found on the other end of the stone bridge, directly east from Creek and to the southwest of Village. The objective area is concentrated on a fork in the road near the riverbank beside which is a small rise dotted with trees. This landform, as well as a number of Opel Blitz trucks on the southern fringe of the capture zone and a shallow trench line on the riverbank on the northwest side, are the only notable cover spots across the otherwise open ground between the two other sequential objectives.

E: Village[]

The Village flag is largely the same as in Conquest, and encompasses all buildings in the area as well as the courtyards and tiered allotments to the north and south respectively. Both teams have exposed approaches to the objective, although the US spawn on the Bridge hill is considerably further away.

US Headquarters[]

The American HQ sector is on the other side of the Bridge from Village, around the area named as Overlook in Conquest. Their three objectives are closer together than in the German HQ, presenting some opportunities for mutual defense. Objective A is the furthest back, outside the southern wall of the farming compound. Objective B is by a parked truck a few meters west, while Objective C is the nearest to the enemy in the earthworks to the southwest of the position. The Roadblock area, situated on the pillbox-adorned high ground overlooking Overlook itself, offers an attractive position for attackers to support an assault from long range, although like the German sector the approach to arm the objectives must be made over open ground. They may also flank beneath the bridge pillars to the west for an alternative route through the trenches, although this places attackers in the direct path defenders exiting their sector spawn, which is the edge of the Swamp downhill to the west.


Domination on Twisted Steel is centered around the flooded farmland south of the Bridge, with one objective divided from the remainder by the Creek that cuts between them. While it is possible to cross the stone bridge and stand on the far bank of the east River, this is against the map boundary. On the opposite side, it is possible to go as far west as the outskirts of Village. The south boundary is about the same as in Conquest. Like Team Deathmatch, the Bridge itself is inaccessible.

A: Flooded Farm[]

The Flooded Farm objective is the easternmost of the three, with a large capture zone that encompasses the five buildings within the complex and the open ground between them.

B: The Lost Tiger[]

The Lost Tiger is in the flooded forest to the northwest of Farm. The smaller, circular capture zone is centered around a partially submerged Sturmtiger wreck in the middle of an open pool, with the perimeter including a number of small islands with thick vegetation.

C: Village[]

The Village objective, like Flooded Farm, has a large capture radius that is basically identical to its layout in Conquest. It stands as the only objective on the east bank of the Creek.


Rush was available on Twisted Steel, alongside Narvik and Devastation, between March 7th to 20th, 2019 as part of Tides of War, Lightning Strikes.

The attackers are allocated one tank for each sector except the last. The defenders receive a tank only in Sector 3. No other vehicles are available.

Sector 1[]

The Germans begin their assault from Overlook, at the bottom of the hill to the direct north of the Roadblock at the east end of the Bridge - the site of the sector's two objectives. Objective A is nearest to the bridge on the west side and Objective B is further to the east. The Germans must make their approach over relatively open ground, and may be exposed to fire from the well-covered roadside defenses that include concrete pillboxes, in addition to the Bridge gantries. However, attackers can flank underneath the Bridge to hit the American positions from the rear, or advance along the more rugged terrain to the east and place the defenders in enfilade.

Sector 2[]

In the next phase, the objectives are set up in the Village on the opposite side of the Roadblock hill. Objective A is on the north side of the settlement in the middle of the tiered gardens, while Objective B is to its rear behind two rows of buildings, in the southeast corner of a walled courtyard. The structures in the area provide adequate cover for the defenders, and again the Germans must cross uncovered terrain to reach the point. They are more limited in options for flanking as map boundaries prevent the use of the west river as a concealed approach route, which lies between the objectives and the US sector deployment on the opposite bank.

Sector 3[]

Sector 3 takes place around the Creek and Flooded Farm across the river to the west. Objective A is across the stone bridge between the house and shed in the Creek area, while objective B is further down the road on the northeast side of the Farm. The two objectives are much more spaced apart than previously which can prevent a consistent line of defense, especially as attacker mobility is increased due to most of the surrounding swampland becoming accessible.

A 6 Pounder gun can be constructed on the road in from the stone bridge, covering the primary route in from the east.

Sector 4[]

The last phase occurs in the vicinity of the Silo farm. Objective A is in an isolated compound to the south of the main area and close to the second bridge, surrounded by high perimeter walls. Objective B is in the middle of the Silo farm complex, in the same position as an objective in the Airborne gamemode.

Another 6 Pounder, this one prebuilt, is set up on the road on the defenders' side of the second bridge.


BFV Twisted Steel Grind

Grind was introduced to Twisted Steel, along with Devastation, Narvik and Rotterdam on April 18th, 2019 and was playable through to April 24th, 2019. The mode is fought between three flags located on the upper platform of the central Bridge, with each team's deployments on its opposite ends. Unlike other gamemode variants the bridge is completely intact, lacking the usual collapse at the Sabotage objective area. Additionally, the entire underside of the bridge now features a catwalk reachable either from the ground below either by ladders on the Bridge supports or stairways down from the upper platform. This area, in addition to the ground itself, allows the frontline to be bypassed vertically.


German Deployment[]

The German deployment is at the crest of the Bridge Ramp at its eastern end.

US Deployment[]

The US deployment is about the Roadblock at the Bridge's west end.


A: West Bridge[]

The West Bridge flag is around the same position as the Conquest objective of Bridge, but is suspended not directly over the River as the latter objective. Instead, the elongated capture zone protrudes only partways into the water, greatly favoring the German team as the other side reaches almost to the land.

B: Bridge[]

The central Bridge objective is approximate to the Conquest objective of Sabotage, but mirrors West Bridge in terms of placement on the bridge deck itself, size and shape of capture zone.

C: East Bridge[]

The East Bridge flag has a capture zone that stretches over the Creek to the land on the US side of the Bridge.


Outpost was originally intended to debut on Twisted Steel during Week 10 of Into The Jungle but was delayed, instead releasing on May 14th, 2020.[6]

The mode features four radio towers and a recruit limit of 100. The map has seen significant additions in terms of Fortifications with most objectives able to be completely surrounded with several layers of barbed wire, as well as the large amounts of sandbags, trenches and emplaced weapons concentrated around the towers themselves.


Each team start with an unusually sizeable light vehicle complement of three halftracks and two smaller transports (Kubelwagen or GPW depending on faction) as well as one towable anti-aircraft and anti-tank gun each. As the match progresses, teams gain access to a maximum of three tanks and three aircraft, in addition to the expected allotment of Squad Reinforcement call-in vehicles.


German Deployment[]

The German deployment is located on the roadway to the southwest of Silo on the roadway. The field in which players spawn is partially protected by the row of trees and raised ridgeline between it and the Silo farmyard, but is otherwise open to enemy fire.

US Deployment[]

The US deploy from behind the buildings to the north of Overlook, downhill from East Bridge.


A: West Bridge[]

The West Bridge radio tower is located on the Ramp leading up to the western end of the large steel bridge in the map center. The objective is the nearest to the German spawn, allowing them to more easily retain control, and allows them a height advantage over the adjacent low ground and Swamp objective.

B: Swamp[]

The Swamp radio tower is found on the largest island right in the center of the Swamp map location. The objective is positioned on formidable ground, surrounded on virtually all sides by knee-deep water, and further bordered by elevated positions on the upper Bridge deck and the eastern Overlook. In spite of this vulnerability, the tower features the most formidable fortifications yet, with two high sandbag walls and two complete rings of barbed wire, reinforced with concrete anti-tank cubes.

C: Flooded Farm[]

The Flooded Farm objective is further east of its Conquest location, equivalent to the Breakthrough objective of Creek. The tower is positioned in a corner between the farming cottage and stone bridge, with the adjacent abutment providing decent protection to players building the tower. Once of the more concentrated objective zones, the "island" housing the farm can nevertheless be heavily fortified with anti-tank structures, barbed wire, and several HMG positions. The waterways to the north and east act as further natural barriers to attack.

D: East Bridge[]

The East Bridge tower is positioned within the Roadblock map location on the raised roadway adorned with concrete pillboxes off the eastern end of the broken bridge. As with objective A, the point's elevated position and proximity to the map edge limits the amount of directions it can be attacked from. Further to this, the base of the hill below the bridge struts can be encircled with barbed wire to deter infantry attackers, as can the construction of similar emplacements and HMG positions on the bridge level itself.

Developer Notes[]

"Twisted Steel is the second largest map in the base game package – it features several different areas including a massive 400+ meter steel bridge, roadblocks, fields, a swamp, and several vegetation-dense flooded environments. Its southern region is host to a string of farms and built up areas – built to support the more linear and tactical modes like Frontlines and Breakthrough.

Vegetation, wetness, vehicles and vegetation – Twisted Steel is built to be a veritable playground where every part of the ​Battlefield​ experience is available. Bring your shotgun to fight in close-quarters through the destroyed tank convoy on the bridge or hide in the bushes and fire your Panzerfaust into the back of a tank as it drives through the swamp – all of it in the same map." Battlefield V Launch Notes



  • The map's internal name is MP_Escaut.
  • The layout of the northwest section of the map where Airborne takes place was inspired by the fortifications of Brécourt Manor as seen in the TV series Band of Brothers.[7]
  • A teddy bear with a wooden toy gun is hidden inside one of the joints on the metal bridge.
  • A pile of metal sheets can be found on the Bridge, forming a ramp. Some explosive barrels and a fuel canister are placed next to the ramp. Jumping over the ramp with a Kubelwagen will cause the explosives to explode, creating an explosive backdrop for the player's jump.[8][9]
  • Originally, the map featured the United Kingdom as the Allied faction in all game modes. The Summer Update on June 4th, 2020 saw them replaced with the United States on this and several other maps, including Al Sundan, Panzerstorm and Provence.[10] The British remain as the playable Allied faction during Grand Operations.