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Battlefield 2142[edit | edit source]

"During the height of the ground war, the Pan Asian Coalition developed the original Titan as a large-scale, civilian transport medium, employed to relocate the refugee population. When the combat escalated into all theaters, the Titan was militarized to serve as both an armored air transport and fortified warship. Reinforced with a comprehensive steel-ceramic matrix shell and fitted with multi-conveyor, synchronized discharge mechanisms, the Titan air-drops assets directly into contention, including infantry teams, gunships and air transports. As well, the Titan is heavily armed with an array of high-tech weaponry, including ion-charged, air-to-surface and air-to-air blasters, making it a devastatingly powerful assault aircraft"

— Prima Official Game Guide

The Type-2 Titan is a large airborne fortress used by the PAC in Battlefield 2142, serving as a transport, warship, and mobile operations base. It is the counterpart to the EU MK-1 Titan. It shares its dark gray palette with red accents with other PAC vehicles.

Among other minor differences between the two Titans is a less-forgiving layout for infantry outside of the Type-2 Titan. Those caught off the sides near the pod launch tubes are typically forced to parachute to ground and return by pod.

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