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The Type-53 is a Chinese copy of the Soviet DPM light machine gun, itself a modernized version of the DP designed in 1943-44. This version of the Degtyaryov design used a more robust bipod, and added a recoil spring in a tube near the rear of the stock, which necessitated a pistol grip. By the early 1950s, the DP machine guns were being phased out by the RPD, and the design was sold to China, who then exported it to communist bloc nations such as North Korea and North Vietnam.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

In Battlefield Vietnam, the Type-53 variant of the DP is uniquely issued to the Viet Cong Assault kit. It has a 47-round magazine, high damage, moderate accuracy and moderate recoil. It can generally kill in 1-2 shots. Compared to the DP in Battlefield 1942, the Type 53 has much less recoil and better accuracy. It is most effective at close to medium ranges, but it remains effective at long ranges as long as a player takes the necessary measures to maximize accuracy and minimize recoil, such as going prone and/or burst firing.



  • The game files refer to this weapon directly as the DPM, rather than as the Type 53.
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