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The Type 10 or 12 cm/45 10th Year Type naval gun was a Japanese 120 mm calibre dual purpose anti-aircraft and coastal defense gun used during the World War II. Accepted into service in 1927, the weapon served both on land and on sea, as the secondary armament on a number of Japanese aircraft carriers and cruisers, and as the main armament on smaller ships.

Battlefield V[]

"Originally designed for use on naval ships, the gun was adapted for use on land serving both as an anti-aircraft gun as well as a coastal defense gun."

— In-game description

The Type 10 is a stationary weapon featured in Battlefield V, added in the War in the Pacific Tides of War chapter.

Capable of being built by both the Japanese faction and the USA and manned by a crew of one, the emplacement is controlled from first-person perspective and fires single shots with a four second automatic reload inbetween. Unlike with other single-shot emplacements such as the 6 Pounder there is no reloading animation, meaning the operator can observe fall of shot and track targets freely during the reloading process. Depending on where the Type 10 is built, it may have either full 360° traverse or be limited, like stationary AT guns, to around 120° rotation.

The Type 10 is classified in-game as an anti-aircraft gun. Despite this, the weapon is capable of serving a dual role of both ground and air defense. When employed against aircraft, effectiveness is increased by airburst shells that explode when in close proximity to an aerial target. Although firing slower and with a shorter range than a standard AA gun, the Type 10 projectile is highly damaging and can destroy a full health aircraft in as little as three hits. The emplacement is also quite capable against tanks and other vehicles including landing craft, with slightly reduced performance when compared with an AT gun - shells can also one-hit-kill infantry within a small radius.

Two versions of the Type 10 exist - one with a gunshield that protects the user from small arms and explosive blasts, which typically found near the coast on both Pacific Storm and Iwo Jima, and another with no crew protection at all, located at the top of the mountain on Iwo Jima.