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Type 11 LMG IRL

The Type 11 was a light machine gun used by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. The gun was designed by famed arms designer Kijirō Nambu, based on a modification of the French M1909 Benét-Mercié machine gun. It was an air-cooled, gas-operated design, using the same 6.5×50mm cartridges as the Type 38 Arisaka. The weapon was fed by a 30-round hopper system used to accommodate standard rifle stripper clips.

Introduced in 1922, the Type 11 saw action as the primary Japanese light machine gun of the early Second Sino-Japanese War. Although it was largely superseded by the Type 99 during World War II, the Type 11 remained in service to the war's end.

Battlefield V[]

"This early Japanese machine gun design included a unique offset hopper feed system that utilized the same cartridge clips as some of the Japanese infantry rifles simplifying ammunition logistics on the battlefield."

— In-game description

The Type 11 LMG is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It is a Support LMG that can be unlocked as part of the sixth Tides of War chapter, Into The Jungle, by attaining Chapter Rank 10.

The weapon is very statistically similar to the Type 97 MG - the two weapons share the same damage model, muzzle velocity and reserve ammunition capacity, as well as comparable rates of fire and recoil characteristics. The key differences become apparent during reloading. As the Type 11 holds five additional rounds in the magazine, the weapon has a marginally greater capacity for sustained fire with reloads being slightly less frequent, however the reloads themselves are some of the longest in class and being more comparable to an MMG. In spite of this, the Type 11 still enjoys the controllability and mid-range damage benefits of the Type 97.

Continuing their similarities, the Type 11's Specializations tree is almost identical to the Type 97 MG, with the rank 3 upgrade of Improved Bipod and rank 4's Quick Reload swapped out for Top Up and High Velocity Bullets, respectively. Top Up is unique to the Type 11, which allows the hopper, which is otherwise treated as a detachable magazine, to be refilled with stripper clips with 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 rounds remaining. When the user stops firing on multiples of five, the upgrade grants a faster, albeit highly contextual, reload. High Velocity Bullets boosts velocity up to 830 m/s, aiding accuracy at long range, while Recoil Buffer and Ported Barrel lowers recoil to 0.600 vertical, 0.200 left and 0.120 right - the same changes as on the Type 97 MG.

Although the Top Up specialization suggests the possibility of partial reloads in the style of the Perino Model 1908 from Battlefield 1—adding clips without completely restocking the hopper—a full reload (complete magazine replacement) is still used when the current count is not a multiple of five rounds.