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"Appropriately named Doragon, meaning “Dragon,” the Type 4 Air Mobile Multipurpose Platform (AMP), like its EU equivalent, provides unparalleled usability and firepower in any theater. With a range of armaments, an active protective system, and a high-tech, “anticipatory” flight control system, the Doragon is a highly mobile, dynamically potent, multi-situational assault medium. The Type 4 arsenal includes a semi-dumbfire missile cluster, employed exclusively against close-range, heat-trackable targets."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The Type 4 Doragon (Japanese: ドラゴン) is a VTOL aircraft and gunship that saw service and combat in the 22nd century, most notably during The Cold War between 2139 and 2147. It is found in Battlefield 2142.

The Type 4 Doragon is identical to UD-6 Talon in all factors but aesthetics.

The pilot can use multi-purpose missiles to attack targets. The missiles can seek other aircraft, including UAVs. Active Defense System is available to protect against tank shells and missiles, although EMP weaponry can still disable the craft for a short time.

The gunner can use a nose-mounted autocannon against infantry and light vehicles, and TV missiles to defeat heavy armor.

The Doragon is not as sturdy as the UD-12 Shepherd or BTR-20 Yastreb air transports, and so must make use of its superior speed and maneuverability.

Specifications[edit | edit source]


  • 270 degree cannon - mounted underneath aircraft at very front.
  • Thermobaric High Impulse AGM/Launcher
  • Infrared Rocket Fire System



  • Two- One pilot and one co-pilot/gunner


  • Four lift jets under the wings, and one propulsion/maneuvering jet under the tail
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