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Not to be confused with the T-72
Type 72Z IRL

A Type 72Z column in real life.

The Type 72Z is an Iranian-developed, extremely modernized version of the Soviet T-55 tank. The upgrades to the T-55 which creates a Type 72Z is the replacement of the older 100mm D-10 main gun with the 105mm M68, to allow for a longer service life, high efficiency, and simple replacement process without needing to remove the tank's entire turret, as well as an improved stabilization system for the main gun. The Type 72Z also features an improved power supply, engine, and unified internal systems into a so-called "power pack", designed to allow for a shorter repair time.

Battlefield 3Edit

The Type 72Z, never referred to in-game, appears in Battlefield 3. They are operated by the People's Liberation and Resistance, and are the first few tanks Jonathan Miller and the 1st Tank Battalion face down during the mission Thunder Run. Two tanks are later seen attacking the metropolitan bank in Fear No Evil.

Aside from the BMP-2, the Type 72Zs are the weakest armored vehicles encountered during the tank missions. They are shown with Kontakt-3 Reactive Armor, although this has no effect on gameplay as the vehicles as destroyed in a single hit. The vehicle is not usable in multiplayer.

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