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The Type 91 is a 35mm grenade laun

The Type 91 attached to a QBZ-95.

cher made originally as a stand-alone weapon to fire non-lethal 35mm grenades. It usually comes equipped on the QBZ-95 assault rifle, firing a multitude of non-lethal and lethal 35mm grenades, but can also be vehicle mounted as well. It is a lightweight single-shot and breech loading launcher, similar to the American M203.

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEdit

The Type 91 is the standard underbarrel grenade launcher issued to the PLA Assault kit and is equipped under the QBZ-95. It performs identically to the MEC GP-25 mounted on the AK-47 and the USMC M203 mounted on the M4A1 Carbine.