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The Nambu Type 94 was a Japanese self-loading pistol. It was adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army in 1934 and was issued to Japanese officers during World War II. Plagued with design faults, the Type 94 was notoriously unreliable and is often considered to have been one of the worst pistols to see military service. Approximately 94,000 were produced before the end of the war in September 1945.

Battlefield V[]

"Manufactured in Japan since before the war, some viewed this pistol as being unnecessarily complex in its design while others admired that it was compact and lightweight."

— In-game Description

The Type 94 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V and was introduced in Tides of War chapter five, War in the Pacific. It could be unlocked by obtaining chapter rank 23, and is currently available for purchase in The Company for 600Company Coins Logo BFV.png.

For a semi-automatic sidearm, the Type 94 has the lowest magazine capacity at a meagre 6+1 rounds. This is notable as its damage model is largely the same as other pistols, capable of a four body-shot kill at minimum range, dropping to a five at 22m - the Type 94 is therefore incapable of killing two enemies in a single clip with body shots only. Recoil is on par with the Repetierpistol M1912, and relatively high considering every shot may count.

The pistol's main advantage is a very fast partial reload of 1.1 seconds, beating the P08 Pistol by 0.1s. A full reload is slower at 2.10s. This means that when faced by multiple enemies, timing reloads well and not completely emptying the pistol when firing can be crucial, especially since full reloads do not give +1 capacity, leaving the user only six shots to kill their intended target. A Rate of fire of 450 RPM, the tied highest in the pistol category, means the small magazines can be expended in a very short space of time. Regarding its other stats, muzzle velocity and carrying capacity are average.