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Type 94 Shin Gunto

The Type 94 Shin Guntō in reality

The Type 94 "Shin Guntō" (English: new army sword) is a sword produced by Imperial Japan. It replaced the Kyu Gunto as the standard katana issued to officers of Japan's armed forces. It ranged between new traditionally manufactured blades to ancestral blades. The Type 94 in particular entered production in 1934.

Battlefield 1943Edit

The Shin Gunto is the melee weapon issued to the IJN Scout kit. While slow to swing, if a player is successful in obtaining a hit, it will be a guaranteed one-hit kill, like all melee weapons in the game.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

BC2 Shin Gunto

The Shin Gunto makes a brief appearance in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 during the opening mission, Operation Aurora. It is first seen when the player enters the trenches, where a Japanese soldier jumps down to attack McKee with it, but is quickly killed. It is not seen in any other scripted event; however, if a player gets near enough to a Japanese soldier to be in melee range, the soldier will pull it out in an attempt to kill the player. If it hits, it will instantaneously kill the player, regardless of the difficulty mode and damage already sustained by the player. It is not usable by the player.

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