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The Type 95 "Kurogane" (Japanese: 九十五式黒金 Kyujugo-shiki kurogane; English: Type 95 Black Metal) was a Japanese reconnaissance vehicle designed during the mid-late 1930s and used during World War II. It was the only completely Japanese-designed reconnaissance vehicle ever used by the Japanese Army. Between 4,700 and 4,800 were built.

Battlefield 1942[]

In Battlefield 1942, the Black Medal[sic] is Japan's standard light vehicle, having been added in a patch to replace the earlier Kübelwagen issued to the IJN. It spawns regularly at certain IJN controlled flags. It is fast and small, but has very poor armor, being vulnerable to hand grenades and small-arms fire, and has little protection for its passengers. It can have 2 players on board: the driver and a passenger beside the driver.


Battlefield Vietnam[]

The Black Medal[sic] appears in the Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod as a light vehicle used by the Japanese Imperial Army. It performs identically to the Battlefield 1942, however, the passenger seat can now use their kit weapons.


Battlefield 1943[]

Kurogane BF1943

The Kurogane at Wake Island

In Battlefield 1943, the Type 95 spawns regularly at certain IJN controlled flags. It's fast and small, but has a very weak armor, quite vulnerable to rifle grenades and machine gun fire. It can have three people aboard: one driver, one passenger (capable of using all of their infantry weapons) and one gunner (manning a M1919 Browning). It is the Japanese equivlent to the Willys MB

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

The Type 95 Kurogane makes a brief appearance in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 during the opening mission, Operation Aurora. The player is ordered to use the mounted machine gun to shoot enemy Type 95s that are chasing them and their squad during the escape to the sub pens. The car itself is invulnerable, but the player can still die.

Battlefield V[]

"Considered the first four wheel drive passenger car to be mass produced, it was in use well before Japan entered the war. Light and quick it was found to be a more suitable method of off-road transportation than motorcycles."

— In-game description

The Type 95 Car is a vehicle set to be featured in Battlefield V as part of the War in the Pacific Tides of War chapter. It serves as the light transport vehicle of the Japan, counterpart to the GPW used by the USA.

The vehicle can seat four players. It is unarmed, but passengers may use their personal equipment and weapons while being transported. The Type 95 is statistically and functionally identical to the GPW, with the only differences coming in its design and layout. Most notably, the Type 95 is the one of two right-hand drive vehicles in-game, meaning the first and third seat positions within the vehicle are switched. Its windscreen is permanently fixed in place, potentially obstructing the front passenger's aim somewhat. Furthermore, the vehicle is nominally larger and taller than the GPW, with raised bodywork that gives greater protection from small arms fire, but also results in a larger target that can still be destroyed with a single explosive round. The higher ride height and suspension also appear to give the Type 95 less stability when travelling over rough ground.

There are two possible appearances of the Type 95 - one painted in khaki brown and another in light green - which spawn interchangeably.