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The Type 97 heavy tank machine gun was the standard machine gun used in Japanese armored vehicles during World War II. Although classified as a "heavy" machine gun, the weapon used the same 7.7x58mm round as the Type 99 Arisaka bolt-action rifle. Introduced into service in 1937, it was used until the end of the war.

Battlefield VEdit

"A machine gun based upon a Czech design, modified for use in Japanese tanks. It was less commonly used as an infantry weapon due to the excessive weight."

— In-game Description

The Type 97 MG is a weapon introduced into Battlefield V in the War in the Pacific chapter of Tides of War. It was the Week 9 challenge reward, and is now available for purchase in The Company for 1,700Company Coins Logo BFV.

Compared to other light machine guns, the Type 97 is statistically closest (excluding the almost identical Type 11 LMG) to the Bren Gun, but with a slightly higher rate of fire and lower recoil, as well as a reduced magazine capacity of 25 rounds and a longer reload. Its high accuracy and controllable recoil allows the Type 97 to remain effective at medium range, and is slightly better at close range than the Bren, although its relatively long time-to-kill at close and long range, combined with frequent reloads, limits its overall utility. The weapon can be equipped with a unique 3x Scope that provides elevated zoom at the cost of peripheral vision. Because of its slightly higher rate of fire, the Type 97 has a marginally faster time-to-kill than the Type 11 LMG in close quarters.

The Specializations tree for the Type 97 includes Slings and Swivels, Recoil Buffer, Improved Bipod and Quick Reload on the left path, increasing effectiveness during sustained fire. The right side path of Quick Aim, Barrel Bedding, Custom Stock and Ported Barrel generally assists with fire on the move. When taken together, recoil Buffer and Ported Barrel reduce recoil to 0.480 vertical, 0.100 left and 0.120 right.

Vehicle Mounted Type 97 MGEdit

The Type 97 MG also appears as secondary armament on Japanese ground vehicles, specifically the Type 97, Ka-Mi and HaChi tanks, where it is used by the top and hull machine gunners. The weapon has a lower fire rate and greater accuracy than the US equivalent, the M1919.


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