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The Type 99 Arisaka was a bolt-action rifle design and used by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. First introduced in 1939, the weapon intended to replace the 6.5x50mm Type 38 Arisaka then in service, with the Type 99 firing the new 7.7x58mm cartridge which proved superior at range.

Battlefield V[]

"Equipped with a shorter barrel than most sniper rifles manufactured during the war, a choice that saved cost and materials and was found to only have a nominal impact on its accuracy."

— In-game description

The Type 99 Arisaka is a weapon in Battlefield V, introduced in the War in the Pacific chapter of Tides of War, though its presence was first revealed in the trailer for the Defying The Odds chapter. It is one of the four primary weapons that are available from the start, requiring no unlocking or challenge completion.

The Arisaka performs almost identically to the Gewehr M.95/30 possesing the same high damage up close that drops off steeply at 30m and RPM of 58 that can be upgraded to 67 with the machined bolt upgrade. Velocity is at 750m/s which is the same as the Ross MkIII and Gewehr M.95/30. One notable aspect of the Arisaka is that none of the scopes get in the way of the loading gate of the gun, meaning that unlike the Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I or the Kar98k, the Arisaka can reload with 5-round stripper clips when the 3x or 6x scopes are equipped (like many rifles in Battlefield 1).

The Type 99 has the same specialization tree as other bolts such as the Lee-Enfield, Ross MkIII and Gewehr M.95/30. With the first three specializations on the right side encouraging quick firing and reloading while the left side making shooting on the move much more accurate. With the final choice being between mounting a bayonet allowing acess to the Bayonet Charge or gaining the ability to zero the gun from 75m to 150m to 300m.



  • The Type 99 can be noticed in multiple shots of the trailers for the Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 that it is equipped with a monopod, but in actual games, this device does not appear in the form of specialization or customization (The Company).